What’s new in Minecraft


The creators of our favorite game from Mojang Studios fixed bugs that used to occur in previous versions and added brand-new items to the player’s inventory. One of the most special such items is the recovery compass. In addition, the Minecraft PE update expanded the warden’s behaviors.

Echo Shard

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An echo shard is a novelty item in Minecraft PE required to craft a recovery compass and found in the ancient city structure in the deep dark biome. You’ll find echo shards in chests across the area.

Recovery Compass

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An updated version of the item that locates the player’s death in Minecraft PE Because it’s still a rather new gameplay element, the devs have yet to figure out how it functions and complete it, meaning that errors or bugs might still happen. Presently, it only displays the direction in the dimension that saw Steve perish. To craft one of these, you’ll require eight echo shards and a regular compass.


Minecraft PE review

The patch refined and improved this mob’s animation. A pain effect now applies when it takes damage. Also, the devs revamped the arms and chest of this unplayable mob.

When the warden is angry, it immediately starts attacking players.

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If the player of Minecraft PE creates a warden in the game’s creative mode, the darkness status effect won’t be imposed.

Spectator Mode.

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In this patch, the developers officially confirmed spectator mode to be part of the game. There’s no button to switch modes yet. To enable spectator mode, Minecraft players must use the /gamemode 6 command in the in-game console.


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The goat horn sound has been modified. However, the copper horn has been deleted from the inventory.

The update also brought us a soundtrack of frog eggs and froglight. The allay, a creature so beloved in the community, now restores two health units per second.

In Minecraft PE, players can craft a mangrove boat with chest and switch objects on boats. When using the touch control, you can change them in the quick access panel.



The bug where falling blocks incorrectly interacted with the blocks they replaced has been fixed. Players can set plates without restrictions. Deepslate no longer reacts to pistons.

Moreover, sculk shrieker no longer reacts to redstone dust. Nevertheless, after it’s activated, there’s no way to undo the summoning of the warden.

Players of Minecraft PE need to be careful if they care about nature. Gravity blocks now destroy plants when falling.