What’s new in Minecraft

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The developers from Mojang Studios constantly remove errors and introduce brand-new features to this regular sandbox of a game. The Minecraft PE update follows suit. Novelty objects, revamped blocks, and upgraded mob behaviors await you.


Minecraft PE - Music Disk

In Minecraft PE, this scary and hostile unplayable mob received new abilities. With its excellent sense of smell and hearing, this beast is now a great danger for players. Nevertheless, whenever the monster finds a victim, those abilities no longer serve it. If the player pushes the warden, it grows angry and eventually attacks.

Minecraft PE bone mial

The warden received ranged attacks in the shape of sound waves — this sonic attack deals a considerable amount of damage as well as throws Steve away. Should you kill the warden, you get invaluable experience.

The amount of XP you get in this case has also been corrected.


Minecraft PE - Disk Box

The creators of the game from Mojang Studios have revamped frogs, who now produce the correct sound whenever their health diminishes. To bait tadpoles, players must use a slimeball. Last but not least, the devs improved the appearance of the button players use for transferring objects to your friend allay.

Minecraft PE allay


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When the player finds chests in the ancient city, they’ll contain echo shards. In Minecraft PE, it’s a new material required for crafting a recovery compass, a tool that will precisely locate the Steve’s death. The devs also fixed the bug where a soul lantern was hanging in midair near the ancient city.


Minecraft PE WARDEN

Additionally, the developers corrected a range of bugs previously associated with building blocks. Water no longer breaks light blocks the way it used to happen in previous versions. Reinforced deepslate is now more durable: neither the ender dragon nor the wither are able to destroy it now. On top of that, this material will now generate in the heart of the ancient city (one of the most dangerous and exciting areas in Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE mobs

You can now place any type of plant on mud blocks, as well as recycle mangrove roots in a composter. Items that are made of clay bricks will now be displayed in the inventory correctly.