What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE - 2

The Minecraft PE update brings plenty of modifications to the game’s content. The change log includes a reduced player functionality in spectator mode, improved frog animation, tweaks to the warden’s behaviors, as well as a variety of other revisions.

Spectator Mode

Minecraft PE - 3

Minecraft PE features fixes for several bugs that previously occurred in spectator mode. Long story short, the viewer no longer has the abilities available in first-person mode.

The spectator can no longer attack, build, interact with inventory items, use commands, fly, or ride. The spectator now has one key function: they observe whatever is happening in the game without interacting with anything at all.


Minecraft PE - 4

In Minecraft PE, the most reliable mob guarding the ancient cities in the deep dark biome received refreshed textures for his sonic attacks. On top of that, it will now emit a darkness effect every 6 seconds.

The beast only gets angry at mobs, still reacting to the sculk shrieker’s vibrations.

The warden only charges at living creatures, with his heartbeat depending on his anger. Upon its appearance, it no longer jumps like it used to.

Sculk Sensor

Minecraft PE - 5

In the new update of this game, the projectile no longer vibrates when landing on wool or carpet. Notably, its underside can now provide support for blocks. Additionally, the sculk sensor will now better detect projectiles.

Minecraft PE players can disable it by filling it with water.

The block reacts to digging up dirt blocks as well. However, the sensor won’t react to a player sitting nearby.



The update brought a range of noteworthy changes pertaining to mobs’ behaviors and functions in the game. Frogs give an equal amount of experience to cows and goats. Tadpoles produce loud sounds when taking damage. They also received a new sound indicating growth.

In the Nether, endermen, piglins, skeletons, and wither skeletons all spawn under different lighting conditions.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, mobs grew better at finding their way through open trapdoors.

Other Tweaks

Minecraft PE

After the update, you can no longer place torches on bells. Minecarts with chests, funnels, and TNT drop out as a single object when destroyed, not as separate items.

Minecraft PE players can now create mangrove planks from stripped mangrove logs.