What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE update

The new version of Minecraft for Android smartphones, Minecraft PE, dropped after preliminary tests. This time, the Mojang team introduced multiple changes to the gameplay and brought new features, all greatly affecting the overall experience.


Minecraft Pocket Edition

With every update, the game’s developers refine this adversary mob, and the brand-new one, Minecraft PE, is no exception. This update further expanded its abilities: it’s no longer afraid of lava and water — and can safely dive into those substances. This, in turn, has a pronounced impact on the gameplay when facing this creature. From now on, the player will have to fight really hard to survive.

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If the warden finds itself in water or any other liquid, it will vanish and lose its sound as well as visual animation.

If the warden is digging, it won’t be able to push the player as it used to previously. Its strength has seriously increased compared to the game’s previous versions. With each subsequent attack, it adds 100 units of anger.

Spectator Mode


In Minecraft PE, the player can now breathe anywhere when in spectator mode. Additionally, they will no longer be able to activate a piston.

Sleep rules will no longer apply to the player in this mode. Now they don’t have a sound animation. However, they take no damage from projectiles that hit them.


Minecraft PE 1

The devs of Minecraft Bedrock corrected a number of issues and introduced new features to achieve an even higher resemblance to the game’s Java version.

Mobs received an updated technological animation when donning armor and other protective equipment. Furthermore, they now look more spectacular when passing through a nether portal.

Minecraft PE for Android

In addition, you can now destroy building blocks by filling them with water.

The visual representation of liquid substances was corrected as well.

The allay’s search radius for objects got smaller, now amounting to 32 instead of 64. Piglins enter a state of rage whenever the player breaks a boat or minecart with chest. These tweaks to the behavior of mobs greatly affect the overall gameplay.

Sculk Blocks

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Sculk blocks are a whole family of blocks in Minecraft PE; they come in several types. In the update, sculk shriekers are better thanks to fixes of certain bugs that occurred previously.

The catalyst sculk will now spread sculk through mud and muddy mangrove roots.