What’s new in Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE - 2

The developers at Mojang Studios have unveiled yet another version of Minecraft. This is part of The Wild Update, which largely focuses on correcting and introducing gameplay elements pertaining to biomes and locations. Players will instantly notice the tweaks to the swamps, improved warden animations, and other updates that make the Bedrock Edition equal to its PC counterpart.

Sculk Blocks

Minecraft PE - 3

One of the sculk blocks in Minecraft PE, the sculk shrieker, can now pick up sounds produced by the player riding around the game world on horseback, as well as by other creatures.

As you’ll probably be aware, blocks like this can alert the warden to approaching mobs. The user can now neutralize this block by covering it with wool.

Minecraft PE - 5

Mud blocks are available for players as well. This material can be used to build or repair various structures by drying the clay beforehand. These blocks are easily found in mangrove swamps.

Game Menu

Minecraft PE - 4

To look at Minecraft PE from a different perspective, you can enable spectator mode via a special switch found in the experimental menu.

In this mode, Steve won’t be able to interact with blocks or objects, mobs won’t be able to see him, and no status effects will apply, making the player effectively separated from the surrounding world. Still, they can observe whatever’s going on in-game.

The devs also removed certain settings from the experimental mode.


Minecraft Pocket Edition

This mob is an extremely dangerous foe for any player of Minecraft PE For those brave enough to enter the ancient city and other surroundings of the deep dark biome, the adventure can turn into a regular ordeal.

The warden still attacks all other mobs and uses scents to chase its victims. Sounds make the creature angry, and once it reaches its target, an attack follows.

After receiving an updated animation, the beast grew even more similar to its counterpart from the Java edition.

Location Changes

Minecraft PE - mobs

The Mojang Studios team are trying to achieve parity between the Bedrock and Java Editions by introducing new elements. In Minecraft PE, swamps are chock-full of trees.

Swamps now have grass, under which the devs put clay blocks.