What’s new in Minecraft PE

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The long-awaited update to your favorite game has arrived. The creators of the game at Mojang continue to introduce changes and improvements to Minecraft. Minecraft PE boasts the best experience ever, including a new spectator mode as well as additional blocks for building and crafting items.

Game Menu

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In Minecraft, the Mojang devs added spectator mode. Players of Bedrock Edition can enable it in the “Experiments” menu. The developers removed some of the experimental buttons, since they no longer include any content.

Non-playable Characters


Within the deep dark biome, users of Minecraft PU will meet the warden. A beast with a huge health bar, it’s almost invincible: a few hits suffice for even a player with the best armor in the whole game to perish. That said, it’s better to avoid any fight with this mob.

Since this monster receives signals from the sculk shrieker, you can take some wool with you and use this material to insulate the shrieker.

The allay is already a well-familiar friend for many players of Minecraft Note that this charming mob now needs to rest for five minutes.

By the way, the developers fixed a bug from previous updates where a trader llama spawn egg was empty.

Items & Blocks

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Minecraft PE features a new kind of compass that can be used to find out the location of the player’s death. By the way, this tool doesn’t detect death in The Nether. If the user died there, the compass arrow will rotate randomly. To craft this useful item, you’ll require echo shards, found in the vicinity of the ancient city location.

Bedrock Edition offers players a splendid water vehicle: a boat with chest that can transport items. You can craft one of these by combining a chest and a regular boat. Afterwards, you can take as many items on board as you need to cover long distances during the journey.

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Gamers can build new structures from the new tree type, with the creation process similar to other types.