Download the new release of Minecraft for Android! Developers from Mojang Studios have added new blocks, namely Bamboo Blosk, Piglin Head, and Heads on Note Blocks! More than 74 bugs have been corrected by the comments of the players – this is good news! Now let’s move on to an overview of the benefits of the Minecraft update!

What’s new in Minecraft


First, the developers have added several interesting features that allow you to do interesting things:

  1. You can now play the sound of a mob, to do this, just put his head on the music block and activate it.
  2. Some players will be lucky. If you kill the Charged Creeper, you will get the Piglin’s Head as a gift.
  3. The Piglin Head now has animated ears, they are very fascinating to move.
  4. To make a new bamboo block you need 9 regular bamboos.

How is Minecraft similar to the previous version?

In total, the developers from Mojang Studios have made more than 40 fixes to the new version of Minecraft So it syncs perfectly with Java and Bedrock. The most interesting updates are:

  1. Rebirth Egg helps to get new mobs, it can be a dragon, golem and others.
  2. Fixed a bug with the saddle, now it works correctly.
  3. Spawn mobs in the dungeon has been greatly improved.
  4. It is now impossible to destroy a vehicle with a fire.
  5. Wooden button sounds have been greatly improved and improved.
  6. Improved color picture, the image is brighter.

Bug fixes

Early beta versions contained many bugs and bugs, which have been successfully eliminated by the developer in the new version of Minecraft

We recommend downloading and installing this update for correct gameplay. You can do it on the official site or with MCPEDLEX, just click on the download button below.
All add-ons in the form of mods, texture packs and maps are perfectly installed on the new version. We wish you a pleasant game!

Download Minecraft PE for Android

[button href=”” hide_link=”no” size=”normal” target=”_self”]minecraft-1-19-60-03-xbox-servers-skins-compressed.apk [178.1 MB][/button]