What’s new in the beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition

The devs from the renowned Mojang Studios company unveiled yet another update for the legendary game: Minecraft PE In this version, they attempted to improve the gameplay, remove bugs that spoiled its quality, and eliminate errors left from previous versions.

Version Parity

Minecraft PE

Sculk catalyst and sсulk shrieker blocks now generate at one and the same rate on both Java and Bedrock platforms.

In Minecraft Pocket Edition, the deep dark biome generates in exactly the same way as in Java.

Deep Dark

Minecraft PE Bedrock Edition stone

In the new update, this expansive biome will be located deep underground — and become the darkest site in the entire game. Lurking here is the beast called warden, capable of slaying an armored player (even it’s the best armor you can get in the game) with only two hits.

In this biome, gamers also get to explore the incredible and fascinating ancient city.


Minecraft PE -1

You can only face this creature in the deep dark biome. This deathly foe can easily strike down even a well-equipped Minecraft player with only a few hits. The warden is absolutely blind and can’t see anything in his surroundings. To orient itself in space, this beast uses his hearing.

Introducing the warden to the game was a very wise decision on behalf of the devs: not only is it an exciting challenge for Steve, but it also brings a plethora of gameplay changes. From now on, you can bypass your enemies instead of engaging in a direct fight with them thanks to the stealth technique.


Minecraft PE - 2

Additionally, the update of Minecraft features special fixes. The developers understandably decided to bring the gameplay to a new level.

The “Controller Lost Connection” error occurs after the controller disconnects during loading. The catalyst sculk and sculk shrieker now spawn more often.

Sculk blocks now appear more often in the ancient city and deep dark biomes, on any level of the world.

Items can now be thrown away through the side of the screen on the block menu (for example, food shelf and others).

Opening the wish menu no longer results in the player getting dropped out of the in-game market. The ranking stars and overly-long loading issues have also been corrected.

Likewise, the devs fixed the long loading issue. Templates are applied again when creating worlds to make loading easier and faster.