Modular Bosses + BETA 4.0 mod for Minecraft PE gives you the opportunity to add new dangerous creatures-bosses to the game. Each type is unique in its own way, with certain specific characteristics. In order to “snatch victory from the roots” from the player, the bosses use different tactics. Each opponent has an impressive amount of health and certain behavioral traits that will have to be taken into account in the bloody battle. In addition, here appears the possibility to generate and obtain new items that will undoubtedly help in overcoming missions and tasks. The new mod makes the game undoubtedly more interesting and active. Suitable for those who want to get a lot of new emotions.

Modular Bosses + BETA 4.0 for Minecraft PE

This modification is designed to call in your own cubic world dangerous and rare monsters. Players will not be easy to defeat each foe, as each has a huge reserve of health, unique capabilities.

Before engaging in combat, it is advisable to learn the specifics of each new boss. This will help you prepare properly and come out of the carnage victorious.

Mod Features

Modular Bosses mod for Minecraft PE

Modular Bosses + BETA 4.0 assumes 2 main functions:

  • addition will help to introduce into the gameplay a large number of new monsters, with which each owner of his own world will have to fight;
  • helps to introduce a lot of new items and monsters into the gameplay.

Main function of this mod is to introduce new features into the gameplay, as well as the ability to introduce new anti-heroes with different characteristics. It will be a challenge for each player to defeat each uninvited guest.

New Changes

The latest changes to the mod include the following:

  1. addition of regular monsters;
  2. appearance of cool bosses with huge abilities;
  3. new useful items in the game;
  4. player can penetrate a worm’s stomach during a battle;
  5. new structures appeared in the behavior pack;
  6. a skinpack has been added.

Each boss has a whole list of skills and abilities that are important to learn about before the battle. Otherwise, death will come much faster than even the most agile player expects.

How to install Modular Bosses + BETA 4.0?

Modular Bosses mod for Minecraft PE 2

Before you can take advantage of the new features, you need to install the mod. To do this you will need to perform the following procedure:

  1. download the installation file from a trusted source;
  2. install the file;
  3. copy it to the section of the mods in minkrayte. It is not necessary to unpack the file from the archive.

At this point the procedure can be considered completed. If the installation is done correctly, the gamer will be able to create new unique items, use lures to attract bosses and dangerous creatures, inflict huge damage with a katana or a legendary sword.

Download Modular Bosses + BETA 4.0 for Minecraft PE

Modular Bosses mod for Minecraft PE 3

Because of the high popularity of the mod, on many sources appear files containing dangerous software, adware applications, etc. To protect your own technique, it is not recommended to download an unverified file or use unknown sources. Otherwise, there is a high risk that your PC or smartphone will be affected by such a file.

The best solution would be to download the file using the link below. To start downloading, it’s also worth checking your phone settings beforehand. It should be allowed to download from an unknown source. Otherwise the smartphone will block any attempt to download and, as a consequence, the mod will not be installed.

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