Download More Ores mod for Minecraft PE which adds to the game original ores from which you can craft various items. Its installation will bring variety and make the gameplay even more interesting.

More Ores mod for Minecraft PE

More Ores mod for Minecraft PE

More Ores mod Bedrock MCPE

Download mod More Ores for Minecraft PE to add originality to the game space. Thanks to the update, the player will be able to extract completely new minerals and use them in the game.

What new things will appear in Minecraft PE with the More Ores addon?

More Ores mcaddon

In MCPE with the More Ores mod, you will get several ores that can be found. Iron, gold, coal, diamond, redstone and lapis lazuli with neterite. But they don’t live up to user expectations of the “Mine” part of the game’s title.

More Ores mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

So a few keen content writers decided to introduce more ores into the block world. There will be tons of new metals to mine and mold.

What ores are there in the cubic universe right now?

More Ores addon MCPE

According to the developers of the More Ores mod for MCPE, they were able to add more than 10 new ores to the game space to make the game even more exciting. Each of these metals is used to craft a huge variety of things, such as weapons, armor, or blocks. This means that fresh items and building blocks have also appeared.

More Ores mod Minecraft PE

Alloys can be used to make a block. You need to use some silver ingots to craft a silver block. The tool recipes have remained unchanged. Therefore, users can quickly craft whatever they need.

More Ores mod MCPE

However, the way to craft a sword is slightly different. It is worth placing amethysts or adamantanes in the middle of the stonecutter. As a rule of thumb, there are many different ores in the block world. For example, there is still aqua, bronze, cold iron, ruby, sapphire, and crystal.

More Ores mod for Minecraft PE - Custom Settings

This means that you can create so many colorful weapons items and have fun fighting friends or hostile mobs in the game. Overall, with the More Ores MCPE mod, resource mining is definitely more appealing than it used to be.

On which versions of MCPE does the More Ores mod work?

More Ores mod for addon

Updated!!! You can’t install the update of the mod More Ores on absolutely any version of Minecraft PE with full confidence that it will work. The key condition for the smooth functioning of mod more ores is to install it on a version that is compatible with it. These MCPE versions are any of the following – 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

Installation process

More Ores mod

In order to supplement the cubic world with new types of ores, you need to install the More Ores mod in Minecraft PE. The installation process takes a few minutes. First you need to download the add-on, and then make a launch of the file. Once the update and textures are imported, it is worth launching MCPE and open the settings section. The next step is to activate the mod and the necessary textures. It remains only to restart the game and open the desired world.

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Download More Ores mod for Minecraft PE

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