Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) will become a lot more fun in the block world if you add music to it. This is easy to do if you download Music mod for MCPE. It is available for free download and is compatible with versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51. Details can be found below.

Music mod for Minecraft PE

Music mod for MCPE

Download the Music mod for Minecraft PE to fill the game space with new sounds, epic music and a fantastic soundtrack. Thanks to the update, the gameplay will become even more pleasant and comfortable.

What will the Music mod add to MCPE?

Music mod for MCPE apk

For a long time, Minecraft PE didn’t have its own soundtrack. Finally, Mojang Studios introduced the music pack on the Marketplace as an add-on.

But the players of older versions still can’t play the soothing songs created by the legendary C418. In addition, some MCPE modifications add new sounds to various creatures and biomes.

Music mod for MCPE

Overall, these addons make the game a little more realistic and peaceful.

Music Plus – new addon for Minecraft PE

Music mod for Minecraft PE - step 2

While the authors of the Music Plus addon tried to simply bring music back to Minecraft PE, there are many of its other versatile features that improve it.

Finally, you can turn on music in the block world without a problem, as it’s very easy. However, it’s worth remembering that the add-on plays tunes all the time compared to the original way of performing.

Music mod for Minecraft PE - step 2

This means that it never stops, which can be a little annoying. But the authors claim that its volume is small, so it doesn’t hurt to build a little shack in a block world.

There are even songs from the Nezer update that can be played on older versions of the game.

Music mod for Minecraft PE - step 3

Ambient Sounds.

One of the most significant parts of the gameplay is its sounds. The sound designers have worked hard to make them more realistic.

Music mod for Minecraft PE - step 4

But there’s still a lot to work on. For example, the addon adds environmental sounds to the game’s biomes. Birds chirp in the forests, water murmurs near the banks of rivers, and wolves howl in the taiga.

Music mod for Minecraft PE - step 5

These sounds make the game space much deeper when it comes to involving the user in the game. It will be surrounded by high-quality sounds throughout the three worlds.

Music mod for Minecraft PE - step 6

Lava will bubble and gurgle in the Underworld. There will also be strong winds howling.

Versions of MCPE compatible with the Music mod

Music mod for Minecraft PE - Done

All of the space of the Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) will be filled with different sounds and melodic compositions, once the Music mod for Minecraft PE is installed. But first, the user should find out on which MCPE versions this update will normally work. According to the information provided by the developers, such versions are 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 & 1.20.

Steps in installing the Music mod and Music Plus addon in MCPE

Music mod for MCPE apk

Installation process of Music mod in Minecraft PE includes only a few steps, which means that the user can quickly enough make the block world more diverse due to new sounds and melodies. To this end, it is necessary to:

  • Download the installation file and the Minecraft Forge, if it has not been downloaded before.
  • Press Win + R and paste %appdata%\.minecraft\modsOK.
  • Move the downloaded file to the opened window.
  • Run MCPE and play a game filled with sounds.

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Download Music Mod for Minecraft PE

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/music-plus.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]music-plus.mcpack (32.8 MB)[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/vanilla-music.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]vanilla-music.mcpack (82.2 MB)[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/custom-music.mcpack” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]custom-music.mcpack (111.2 kB)[/button]