Update ore textures present in the game space with the New Ore Texture Pack for Minecraft PE. This texture pack provides users with new materials, making the gameplay more vibrant and colorful. Find a detailed description of the texture pack below.

Main Features of the New Ore Texture Pack

  1. Outlined: The New Ore Texture Pack MCPE helps users locate valuable blocks hidden in mines by outlining each block. This unique feature significantly reduces the time spent searching for valuable ores, allowing users to find gold or diamonds more efficiently.
  2. Variated: The texture pack offers not only regular textures but also new texture options for blocks. These changes add novelty to the gameplay and introduce unusual and interesting elements.
  3. New: This add-on for the New Ore Texture Pack allows users to choose between new ores with a more beautiful and detailed pattern and outlined ores. This customization offers the opportunity to precisely influence how valuable blocks will look in the game.

Download New Ore Texture Pack

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/New-Ore-Textures_1615470404.mcpack” hide_link=”no” size=”small” target=”_self”]New-Ore-Textures_1615470404.mcpack[/button]

The New Ore Texture Pack for Minecraft PE is an excellent addition to the game, providing users with a more exciting and engaging experience. Download the texture pack and enjoy the improved visuals and more accessible gameplay.