Version MCPE: 1.12.0 – 1.19.40 for Android

Ninja Mod for Minecraft PE

Ninja Mod for Minecraft PE - download

Download the Ninja Mod for Minecraft PE and make the fight with your friends more epic.

Peaceful life is not the thing the players can easily get here. They have to struggle for it with hostile mobs who always await to attack them. Quite often, the players happen to fight with their friends, seeking an arena beforehand. So, the Ninja Mod will make the place more exciting.

Ninja Addon for MCPE

Ninja Mod for Minecraft PE - 2

The Ninja mod (Addon) for MCPE reveals many fascinating armours and weapons. There are brand new items which can be reached by dark fabric and dark steel. You can craft the armour which endows the resistance from damage. That is clearly very helpful in survival mode. A complete set gives 10 units of protection and is mainly used for stealth.

Ninja Addon for Minecraft PE

In addition, there are 4 new weapons, such as sai, dagger, iron and dark steel katana. When attacking, the user can get 9 hearts with the help of the dark steel katana, which wins over the diamond and nephrite swords.

Ninja Mod for Minecraft PE - 3

Weapons and Mobs

Three new mobs turn up in the cube world, such as bad, good and villager ninjas. The last one is interconnected with the bad one. The death of the bad ninjas gives special coins to trade with a villager ninja. Moreover, you can get shuriken, katana, sai, gold and diamond katana.

Ninja Addon for MCPE

By the way, katana deals from 16 to 20 damage. The ones from precious materials empower the players with an acceleration effect.