Version MCPE: 1.13.0 – 1.19.40

Nuke mod for Minecraft PE

Nuke mod for Minecraft PE download

Download the Nuke Mode for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) and blast the blocks with nuclear warheads.

The manufacturers compiled the whole collection of the addons due to which you can feel like a real destroyer. There is a TNT expansion which gives a choice of explosive content.

More TNT

Nuke mod for Minecraft PE - 2

There are more than 20 powerful bombs and a few dynamites which are different by their specs and a damage type. Some can damage a lot to a definite object, other burn enormous forests.

New Nuke mod for Minecraft PE

In TNT for MCPE addition, the players can try out the rocket launchers to get to the target with a thorough efficiency at large distance. Take a dynamite equipped with a timer as it makes huge damage.


Nuke mod for MCPE

This addon reveal new bombs and other villagers. So, the players will have to get the explosives from the merchant who trades them. You can get a huge dynamite with double, napalm bomb. The colour depends on the type and the number of explosives.

Nuke Addon for MCPE

Nuke mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Nuke modification for Minecraft PE adds huge bombs the content of which the player can choose. The explosive can be colourful and have different types. There are black barrels, white nuclear bombs and yellow missiles. The damage of them is huge, by the way. So, everyone in the cube world will be pleased.