Parasite mod for MCPE

Parasite Minecraft PE Mod

Use the Parasite mod for Minecraft PE to meet creepy creatures and try to destroy them with powerful weapons.

How to get parasite mod in Minecraft PE?

mcpe minecraft parasite addon

You can get Parasite mod in Minecraft by downloading and installing the APK file in the game. You can do it using our website MCPEDLEX.COM!

Parasite mod for MCPE will appeal to those who are fond of the apocalyptic theme. The player will meet new mobs, biomes, bosses and weapons.

Parasites (update) – popular addon in Minecraft

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The Parasite mod update in Minecraft adds 14 monsters to the cubic universe, growing in the course of the game. The user must destroy them before they become invincible. Their life cycle has the following stages:

  • flake;
  • destroyer;
  • infected mob;
  • formed parasite.


Parasite mod for Minecraft PE

Scales emerge in the dark and transform into a destroyer in 60 seconds. Passive mobs are infected by the destroyer, which becomes a random destroyer after 2 minutes.

parasite mod minecraft pe download

The infected mob is also capable of infecting passive creatures and transforms into a destroyer after 120 seconds. There are 5 types of random ruiners. This monster has powerful enemies. Larger monsters are more dangerous.

parasite mod minecraft apk download


Parasite mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Parasite addon adds the following weapons:

  • The pickaxe is for block mining. It can be obtained in survival mode.
  • Bow is used to shoot at mobs in order to infect and destroy them.
  • The scythe deals significant damage. It is made by hand.

Parasites and biomes in MCPE (Operation Sanatio Parasite)

Parasite addon for Minecraft PE

The MCPE add-on Operation Sanatio Parasite adds parasites and biomes to the cubic universe. Many users are familiar with the identical update for Minecraft Java Edition, which is called Shape and Run Parasites. Survival is made more difficult by monsters and infested mobs.

Parasite addon Minecraft

Player will be able to see many infected animals that can be easily killed. There are 7 main parasites in this addon, cruel and powerful. Paraflyer monsters are able to attack with arrows. Paraflyer can fly and Pararammer gives a weakness effect.

Parasite addon for MCPE

The new bosses are quite powerful and difficult to destroy. For example, the destruction boss Super Para can fly. His health is equal to 900 units. Every player can also explore new biomes, which are full of parasites. These biomes have replaced the desert and savannah because of the parasite takeover.

MCPE versions that support the update Parasite mod

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Bring the block MCPE universe closer to the world of the apocalypse by populating its territory with all sorts of parasites. They are provided in great variety by the modification. But to gain access to all her possibilities will only be able to the user, which will install the mod on the supporting versions of MeInkraft PE. These are versions from the range 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.

More precisely, Parasite mod for MCPE is installed on: 1.16.5, 1.12.2, 1.18, 1.19.51.

Installing Parasite mod on Minecraft Pocket Edition

parasite addon mcpe

A characteristic feature of the process of installing Parasite mod on Minecraft Pocket Edition is its simplicity. Due to the fact that this process includes only two simple steps, any user can handle it.

At the first of these stages, it is necessary to download the APK installation file with the addon. The second stage involves installing the file in Minecraft PE.

Download Parasite mod for MCPE for Android and iOS (APK)

minecraft parasite mod download android

Below you can download Parasite addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition for free in APK file format. Simple installation will not take you much time and you can enjoy the new skin in the game in 5 minutes!

  • For Android OS
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