Version MCPE: 1.3.0 – 1.19.40

Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE

Pedestal Minecraft PE

Download the Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE and stop losing sight of your swords keeping them close to you.

Undoubtedly, the players cannot but use the tools in the cube world. They always must watch out for the pitfalls and attacks from hostile mobs. So, these tools are very handy for crafting necessary instruments and mining valuable materials.

Pedestal Mod for MCPE

With the help of this mod, the players will not be worried about their swords when facing aggressive creatures. They will be able to take it from the pedestal at once.

Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE

Animated Sword Pedestals

Due to this Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE, there are six blocks which can be crafted in survival mode. First, created a stone brick out of four stones by melting a cobblestone. Then, get a Redstone block exactly from a red stone. In the end, you can make a pedestal by combining your favourite sword with it.

Moreover, the Weapon Pedestal addon adds rotation animation to the swords. It is obviously a perfect decoration.

Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE - 2

Weapon Pedestal Addon for MCPE

The modification of the tool Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE is very essential in the gameplay. Due to it, you can put any instrument on the pedestal and its direction: up or down.

Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE -3

Besides, there are a few types of blocks which can be crafted together on the workbench. Just put three blocks horizontally and a frame in the centre top or bottom cell. The direction of blocks is interconnected with their position. Enter the command /give @s pa: and take all necessary blocks.


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