Check out the updated Pirates mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition! Here you can download the APK installation file for your smartphone and enjoy the gameplay with the new addon!

Pirates mod for Minecraft PE

Pirates mod for Minecraft PE - Flintlock Pistol

Download the pirates mod for Minecraft PE and go on a pirate adventure on the sea.

What is the Pirates mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

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Want to feel like a real sea robber? Then the mod Pirates for MCPE is perfect for you. All you need to do is recruit a team, add everything you need, and you’re ready to go. Update adds to the game world not only pirate equipment and ships, but these pirates, with whom you will have to fight for treasure.

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Pirate Craft

Download Pirates Mod for Minecraft PE

This modification adds new armor to the game inventory. It will make your character stronger. Pirates mod for MCPE is perfect for creative mode. From the materials at hand, Steve can build a real pirate ship and go on a trip on it.

Pirates mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The player should not forget about the weapons. It can be made from various fossils. He needs to mine bronze and steel ingots, and create weapons and tools using the workbench.


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This pirate mod for Minecraft PE is perfect for multiplayer mode. It adds ready-made ships on which players can boldly go on a journey. If there is a desire to be alone, the user can float on a raft.

Pirates mod for Minecraft PE

The raft is designed for only one person. It has an additional compartment for storing the necessary equipment. It is designed for 12 items.

In order to make the raft, the player will need half blocks, wood, fence, planks and a sail.

Pirates Flintlock Update

Pirates mod for Minecraft PE - Flintlock Pistol

This addon for the mod Pirates Minecraft PE adds to the game not only pirates, but also a variety of animals and weapons. Among the robbers the player can meet in the block world a pirate captain, an ordinary pirate and, of course, the famous pirate Blackbeard.

Pirates mod for Minecraft PE - Flintlock Pistol

The MCPE game will be even more interesting because the animation is accompanied by sounds. Blackbeard is a very strong and tough pirate. His health is 85 units. Steve has to be careful with him, because he deals up to 9 units of damage. His main weapon is a dark sword. It has hidden gems that every pirate wants to get a hold of.

On which versions of Minecraft PE is it recommended to install the Pirate mod update?

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The block world will be filled with sea robbers, and the player will be able to access all their equipment thanks to the modification. However, all of its content will diversify the game world only if the user installs the mod on the corresponding versions of MCPE:

  1. Pirate Craft addon – 1.1.0 – 1.19.50;
  2. Addons Pirate and Pirates Flintlock Update – 1.17.0 – 1.19.50.

Is it difficult to install the Pirates mod update?

Pirates addon for Minecraft PE

The process of installing the Pirates modification is as simple as possible, so it can cope with any user, including beginners. In order to add to the game pirates and their superweapons, you only need to:

  • download the installation file;
  • open MCPE and download this file.

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