New version of Pixelmon mod for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) is fully compatible with all the latest versions of MCPE! Below you can download the free installation APK file for android devices and start playing!

Pixelmon mod for Minecraft PE - Chimchar - Level 6

Pixelmon mod for Minecraft PE

mod pixelmon minecraft

Download Pixelmon mod for MCPE and add plush toys from the popular Japanese media franchise right into your favorite Minecraft game!

Pixelmon mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Pixelmon – overview

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Pokémon are popular characters from the Japanese media franchise. They first appeared in a video game that people liked so much that over time they began to make anime and movies about these creatures.

Pixelmon addon for Minecraft PE

The trademark has received a very wide distribution around the world. Thanks to the Pixelmon mod for MCPE, the player can meet many of the characters from the first generation right in the cubic world.


Pixelmon mod for Minecraft PE - Chimchar - Level 6

First of all, it’s worth noting that the Pixelmon update adds many pokémon to the block universe, with a total of 67. These include Whiddle, Zubat, Pikachu, Lapras, Machop, Smoochum, Kubone, Cleffa and others. In order to get to know most of these plush toys, the player should travel through the game world. They appear at random and roam almost everywhere.

Pixelmon mod - Monferno Level 14

So the chances of meeting them are quite high for the user. In the block MCPE space, pokémon are divided into 5 types:

  • common;
  • unusual;
  • rare;
  • ancient;
  • legendary.

Pixelmon mod - Inventory

Unfortunately, however, legendary or ancient plush Pokémon are not available in the normal Minecraft world. To get this type, you need to find a special machine.

Pixelmon mod for Minecraft PE - Chimchar - Level 6


mod pixelmon mcpe adventure

All creatures of the mod Pixelmon MCPE can evolve. They appear very small in the cubic world. Over time, you can see how these plush toys begin to increase in size and eventually reach their maximum. The player can neither slow down nor speed up this process. Therefore, all that remains is to simply wait.

Pixelmon mod - How to get Apricon


pixelmon mod for minecraft pe download

Among other things, the Pixelmon update adds special machines to Minecraft PE. They can be used to mine pokeballs, which are similar to pokemon spawn eggs. In order for the special machines to drop these items, the player needs to hold a ticket in their hand.

Pixelmon mod MCPE

The class of the ticket must match the class of the machine. For example, a legendary ticket cannot be used on a rare machine. You can use the /function pm command to create a special machine.

With which versions of Minecraft PE is the Pixelmon mod compatible?

Pixelmon mod for Minecraft

The original plush creatures will appear everywhere in the block space of Minecraft PE after installing the Pixelmon mod. The Pixelmon MCPE mod is supported by MCPE versions 1.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0 (make sure to match before downloading the file).

How to install Pixelmon mod in Minecraft PE

Pixelmon addon MCPE

Almost all users note the simplicity of the installation process of Pixelmon mod and the absence of any problems in Minecraft PE. First, you need to download the installation APK file, and then open it in Minecraft PE.

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