Try yourself as a wizard in your favorite game, and Pokemetels Harry Potter addon for Minecraft PE will help. Cast spells with the magic pointer, fight each other with other characters of the magical world. Here you can defeat witches and wizards using powerful spells or strategic type magic. By completing the difficult challenges in the Harry

Potter mod, the player will get more improved magic skills and opportunities at Hogwarts School.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon for Minecraft PE

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon for Minecraft PE

The gameplay involves the use of magical spells that help the protagonist to defeat monsters. Now the player can feel like a real mage student at Hogwarts. Pass the addon Pokemetels Harry Potter in Minecraft, and become one of the best wizard on par with Harry or Voldemort. In the addon to Minecraft, you can master wands and spells.

In high detail mode, in addition to the ability to fly on a broom, the player can fight with Dementors and try to solve various puzzles. The Minecraft world, dedicated to Harry

Potter, also features popular music from the movie series.

Addon Features.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon for Minecraft PE 3

At the moment, there are only 5 basic spells in the game. First of all, magic words can be used to protect and attack the enemy. Additionally, a spell to stun the enemy is available. The fourth spell is Expelliarmus (wand selection), and the fifth is Avada Kedavra, which allows you to destroy the enemy. If the player kills mods, he will quickly master the magic. Obtaining the Avada Kedavra spell is the hardest – it requires destroying a powerful Varden.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon

Standard spells such as Expelliarmus are rare in the game. With them you can kill most mobs. When it comes to wands, so far players have only 1 wand available, which can be obtained by placing it in the crafting interface.

Not all players know how to choose spells in Harry Potter fashion. The developers advise to do so:

  1. if you use a wand, two arrows will appear in the quick access panel;
  2. Click on the arrows to switch spells. After the wand is waved, magical words are spoken that affect the abilities of the mobs.

New Changes

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon 2

In Minecraft PE the developers have introduced new types of outfits – all costumes are made in the stylization of the Harry Potter movies. Eight costumes are available to players, and each school department has its own distinctive badge. Also the character will have the legendary striped scarf, which is the symbol of the Hogwarts student.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon 3

The character you will need to control belongs to the Gryffindor faculty. He has a yellow and red striped scarf, as well as a black robe. At the same time, the gamer will be able to try on his character colored robes from other faculties.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon 4

The designer of the mod decided to take some more classic outfits from the story about Harry, and implemented them in the game. Players will be able to dress up in the famous Quidditch uniforms. Also, as with the classic robes, Quidditch uniforms have their own shade – Gryffindor’s is red. Puffundu has a yellow uniform, Slytherin has a green one, and Ravenclaw has a blue one.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon 5

How to install the Pokemetels Harry Potter addon?

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon MCPE

To unpack the mod in the game Minecraft PE requires downloading it to android. Follow the link and download the addon to your phone. Then download the mod Pokemetels Harry Potter. Reboot Minecraft. That’s it, you can play the Harry Potter mod.

Pokemetels Harry Potter addon MCPE2

Detailed instructions:

  1. Download and install Minecraft PE.
  2. Download the mod and unzip it.
  3. Enjoy the game.

Download Pokemetels Harry Potter addon for Minecraft PE

Go through a fabulous quest with Harry Potter within the walls of Hogwarts is quite realistic by downloading the mod. The addition to Minecraft PE can be downloaded quickly and safely – just click on the link below.

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