Update is great for anyone who wants more diverse functionality for redstone. You can download the Redstone mod for MCPE for free for versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 to add new blocks to the game. More details below.

Redstone mod for Minecraft PE

Redstone mod for Minecraft PE

Download Redstone mod for Minecraft PE and stay up to date with the latest technology to create crazy things. Now there will be even more opportunities to use one of the most valuable resources of the block world

What is Redstone mod?

Redstone mod for MCPE

Mojang Studios has been working on Meincraft PE for a long time, but Redstone engineering was added relatively recently, so some players aren’t yet able to take advantage of it.

Fortunately, some addons are fixing these minor problems, so everyone can use this resource to create something truly epic.

In add-on, several other updates add new redstone features.

PocketPower add-on in MCPE

redstone mod minecraft pe download

The purpose of this mod is pretty simple – to bring the wonders of the industry to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Unfortunately, users of the old version could not use this magical redstone.

But now things are changing, and players get all the possible blocks and functionality associated with redstone.

redstone mod for minecraft

For example, there are now pressure plates and lamps in the game. If you push this thing, it will send the right pulse.

You can also activate the pressure plate by standing on it or putting any object on top of it. Now you have to connect it to the redstone dust lamp.

redstone minecraft pe

Thus, the game gets a lot of new and fully working blocks to play with and build.

Wireless Redstone Mod.

redstone addon minecraft pe download

Wireless Redstone Mod addon has great potential to become one of the most effective and useful redstone addons ever created. It adds new ways of transmitting energy in the cubic world.

Since the mod is called “Wireless,” there are units such as transmitters, wireless repeaters, receivers, and block breakers. And they all have some purpose.

redstone mod minecraft pe

For example, a transmitter creates and sends a signal that will then be received by a receiver or repeater. The possibilities offered by the addon are literally limitless.

Players no longer need to connect every part of the device. Wires are getting old-fashioned now in Minecraft PE as well.

Compatible with the Redstone mod versions of MCPE

redstone addon minecraft pe

How to fully enjoy absolutely all the features that the modification provides? It is necessary to install Redstone on any version of Minecraft PE that supports its operation.

redstone addon minecraft

Only in this case, the player will get ample opportunities to use redstone. If the developers are to be believed, both addons (PocketPower and Wireless Redstone Mod) can be installed on any of versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

How do I install Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE?

redstone addon minecraft pocket edition

To install an update of the Redstone mod for Minecraft PE and thereby gain access to new opportunities to create incredible items can be quite simple. To this end, the user:

  • Downloads and installs Forge, if necessary.
  • Downloads the Redstone mod file to install.
  • Copies the downloaded file into .minecraft/mods.
  • Starts a version of Minecraft PE with Forge in the launcher.

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Download Redstone mod for Minecraft PE

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/redstone-dust.zip” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]redstone-dust.zip (1.74 KB)[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/quarry.zip” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]redstone quarry.zip (3.89 MB)[/button] [button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/redstone-mechanic.zip” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]redstone-mechanic.zip (70.91 KB)[/button]