Reliquary Mod Features

Enhance your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience with the Reliquary Mod. Packed with powerful artifacts, unique items, and functional blocks, this mod will bring a new level of excitement to your gameplay. Uncover hidden treasures and make the most of your adventures with these amazing features:

  • Potent artifacts to boost your abilities
  • Rare items with enchanting properties
  • Handy functional blocks for crafting and storage

Installation Process

Follow these straightforward steps to install the Reliquary Mod for Minecraft PE:

  1. Click the download link below to get the mod file
  2. Open your Minecraft PE game
  3. Navigate to the “Mods” section
  4. Select the downloaded mod file and tap “Import”
  5. The mod will now be installed and ready for use

Download Reliquary Mod for Minecraft PE

[button href=”” hide_link=”no” size=”small” target=”_self”]Reliquary.mcaddon[/button]

Experience the thrill of unearthing ancient artifacts and mystical items with the Reliquary Mod for Minecraft PE. Download now on MCPEDLEX and embark on your next epic adventure.