With the mod SCP for MCPE in the game space will appear abnormal creatures from the corporation of the same name. Update is definitely a must download for every fan of games or articles on the subject.

SCP mod for Minecraft PE

SCP mod for Minecraft PE

Download the SCP mod for Minecraft PE to explore the dark secrets of this infamous company. Thanks to the update, the player will be able to face his fears by encountering abnormal creatures.

What’s new in SCP for Minecraft PE

SCP mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE (check update) is not a horror game. But the community can turn the block world into a real nightmare thanks to modifications and texture packs. SCP MCPE mod does this quite easily. Once installed, hundreds of terrifying creatures will crawl around the game world.

scp mod minecraft pocket edition - mcaddon

Fortunately for users, monsters can be killed without any problems. However, most SCP beasts are quite powerful. Here is a list of creatures that will appear in the game.

Mob SCP-173 and SCP-049.

SCP mod for MCPE

The particularity of the mob is behavior. SCP-0173 will not attack if the player looks at him. It is only necessary to try to look away, and the monster will immediately strike the player.

scp addon minecraft pe

SCP-049 looks like a plague doctor from the Middle Ages. The mob infects the villagers, turning everyone into zombies. Also this so-called doctor gives the player a desiccation effect. This significantly slows death.

Mob SCP-682 and SCP-053.

best scp mod for minecraft pe

Now there are immortal creatures in the game. For example, mod SCP-682 is the strongest mob that ever existed. The monster is invincible, which means that you can’t kill it. It also destroys other monsters instantly. No armor can protect against it.

scp mod minecraft

SCP-053 mod, on the other hand, is probably the weakest creature. It has only 20 health units. But this little girl scares a lot of users. Mob will follow any user. When attacked, will fight back.

Mob SCP-939 and SCP-019.

scp mod for minecraft pe 1.19

This mob is one of the most uniquely active. Hostile only when he hears the player. Therefore, it is better not to make noise. Its health is 150 units, and it deals 20 units of damage. Despite this, SCP-019 is unusually fast and almost impossible to defeat. If he appears in the distance, you have to run.

Which versions of MCPE support the SCP mod?

scp mod for minecraft pe 1.20

Any update must be supported by the version of Minecraft PE, on which it is installed, otherwise it simply will not work, and the user will not be able to access all the features. That’s why the developers always indicate on which versions of Minecraft PE should install the mod. In the case of the SCP MCPE mod it can be any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

scp mod minecraft mcpe mcaddon

What do I need to install the SCP mod in Minecraft PE?

scp mod minecraft pocket edition

MCPE block world will be filled with creepy atmosphere with the appearance of abnormal creatures in it. In this will help a unique update mod SCP, which can be installed in several steps:

  • Downloading the installation file (SCPaddon.mcaddon).
  • Opening it, after which the game itself will install everything you need.
  • Launch MCPE and then go to the edit section.
  • Selecting the Texture Sets tab.
  • Search for the texture pack and activate it.
  • Selecting the Parameters Sets tab.
  • Search for the addon and activate it.

Download SCP addon for Minecraft PE

scp mod minecraft mcpe

Use the buttons below to download SCP mod for Minecraft PE as well as additional textures for free.

[button href=”https://mcpedlex.com/wp-content/uploads/simple-file-list/SCPaddon.mcaddon” hide_link=”yes” size=”big” target=”_self”]SCPaddon.mcaddon[/button]

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