Make the game space as similar to the real world as possible, providing a change of seasons. In this will help mod Seasons for Minecraft PE, which each user can download for free. Now different temperature and climate modes are available in the game. A more detailed description is given below.

Seasons mod for Minecraft PE

Seasons mod for Minecraft PE

Download Seasons mod for Minecraft PE to get the ability to control the weather conditions in the block world. It’s so beautiful to watch the varied colors of nature!

What awaits the MCPE player after installing the Seasons mod?

Seasons mod for MCPE

In the cubic universe of Minecraft, users have access to different biomes, and they can enjoy the changing weather and natural phenomena. But the change of seasons is not provided by the developers of Mojang.

Developers of the Seasons mod for MCPE have solved this problem by adding some details to the game space. For example, beautiful colors of leaves and original effects.


Seasons mod for Minecraft PE for free

Some Minecraft players dream of enjoying the snowfall, waiting for summer, and basking in the sunlight on a spring day. The change of seasons adds a realistic feel to the game, which is very important.

An update changes the game space by adding beautiful colors of tree foliage and plants.

Leaves change color in the fall and the ground is covered with snow in the winter. Only the birch leaves and the jungle remain the same.

How do the seasons change?

Seasons mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

After installing the Seasons mod in Minecraft PE, users will be able to see how the seasons change over a period of time.

Vegetation colors will take on corresponding shades. Everything happens very smoothly, so users may not immediately notice that everything around them has changed.

In Minecraft PE there is an opportunity to choose the period of the change. There are several time options in the add-on settings. They can activate seasons every 5 or 20 minutes.

Weather changes

Seasons mod for Minecraft PE download

Creators of the Seasons mod for Minecraft PE have added 4 seasons and several stages, just like in real life.

Spring has 3 stages, starting early and ending late. Summer has one stage and fall has two, just like winter.

Seasons do not affect the survival mode in any way. The gameplay remains the same.

It is necessary to activate the experimental game mode to implement the changes.

Compatible with Seasons mod versions of Minecraft PE

Seasons mod for Minecraft PE winter

Normal operation of any of the additions to the mod Seasons for MCPE provides for its installation on the version of Minecraft PE, which is compatible with it. Developers always provide users with information on which versions of the game created a particular addon, and according to this information addon Seasons should be installed on any version of Minecraft PE 1.2.0 – 1.19.51, and the weather addon – on 1.18.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install Seasons in Minecraft PE

Seasons mod Minecraft PE

Installing Seasons mod in Minecraft PE involves the user following a series of steps. All of them are different simple and will not cause problems. These steps include:

  1. Installing Forge and additional updates, if specified.
  2. Downloading installation file and copying it to .minecraft/mods.
  3. Launching the version of MCPE with Forge in the Launcher.

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Download Seasons mod for Minecraft


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Weather changes

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