Shrink mod for Minecraft PE

Shrink mod for MCPE Minecraft Bedrock Mods

Download the Shrink mod for Minecraft PE to shrink down to the size of an ant, sneak into the robbers’ outpost and find out what they’re up to.

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE – about the update

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE

Many people dream of becoming giants to dominate everyone. But among users, there are probably those who want to become inconspicuous. Minecraft Shrink mod for MCPE gives such an opportunity. Using it, the player can shrink not only himself, but also the blocks in the cubic space. Sometimes the gameplay can slow down. This happens because of too many compressed blocks. In order to regain the speed of the game, the user needs to remove some compressed objects in the game session.


Shrink addon for Minecraft PE

This Shring addon reduces the player to the size of a newborn chicken in Minecraft Pocket Edition. This ability is very useful when fighting hostile mobs. For example, Steve can shrink in size and steal something valuable from the zombie Pigman. In addition, the user is free to spy on enemies. By choosing multiplayer mode, you can easily outsmart your friends.

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE

When using the Shrink MCPE mod, the player is reduced to the size of 1 block in height and 0.5 block in width. A small disadvantage is the visual display of the character’s height of 2 blocks. This may make it appear that he has not shrunk. However, there is no need to worry, because the mod works perfectly.

Shrink Ray

Shrink mod MCPE

The Shrink Ray mod adds a special ray to the inventory that can shrink any object of the block universe with an initial size of 7 blocks in height, length and width. It is up to the player to decide how much to shrink the object.

Shrink mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

However, it is necessary to remember that with strong compression and with a large number of reduced objects, the game may start to slow down. To avoid this, it is worth removing unnecessary reduced items.

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE for MCPE

Steve can not use more than one ray at a time. Shrink mod for MCPE is available in multiplayer mode.

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE - 2

To start using the shrink ray, the player needs to point it at an object and hold the cursor for 10 seconds. In case of problems, you can try to solve them with the /function HELP command.

For which versions of MCPE is the update intended?

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE overview

When releasing each new modification, the developers always indicate for which versions of Minecraft PE it is intended. It is important to keep this information in mind, because it is the installation of mods on certain versions of MCPE depends on its correct operation.

Shrink mod for Minecraft PE review

For example, the Shrink addon for MCPE should be installed only on versions 1.7.0 – 1.19.50, and the addition Shrink Ray – on 1.16.0 – 1.19.50 – 1.20.0.

How to install the Shrink mod for Minecraft PE yourself?

Shrink mod for Minecraft Pocket Edit

In order to install the Shrink mod for Minecraft PE and take advantage of all its benefits, you do not need to turn to specialists, because the installation process is as simple as possible. First you need to download the installation file. The next step is for the user to open MCPE to download this file.

Download Shrink Mod for Minecraft PE

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Download Shrink .MCPACK
Download Shrink New-Sizes.MCPACK

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