For those who prefer to deal with a lot of difficulties in survival, the new SmokeyStack’s Skyblock mod for Minecraft PE will be a great addition. The mod can be used in any world and sydom. The creator of the new mod has made every effort to pass the maximum features, as well as offer players a similar addition for the Java version. However, there were certain limitations for the handheld version. By deciding to install the additional mod, most likely every gamer will be able to diversify his cubic world and make it more exciting.

SmokeyStack’s Skyblock mod for Minecraft PESmokeyStack's Skyblock mod for Minecraft PE 4

The most important advantage of SmokeyStack’s Skyblock addon for Minecraft PE is the possibility of using it in absolutely any world. Here there is a special island of addons, on which there is a chest with rich contents. It contains useful items that the player will encounter around the world.

Traveling to different corners of the world, you can collect useful items and gradually get to the Edge of the Dragon. All items will help win the final battle. A standard island is found throughout the created world. To go to the edge, you must first find a fortress and then fill the portal.

Visiting the lower world, the player does not appear in the territory of a small island. But just 500 meters away is the standard and familiar world.

To survive and defeat the dragon, you have to gather your wits. In addition, you will have to heal the inhabitants, bargain with the locals to get a drip, and then gradually fill the cauldron to get Obsidian.

Mod Features

SmokeyStack's Skyblock mod for Minecraft PE 4

SmokeyStack’s Skyblock mod for Minecraft PE has the following features:

  1. compatible with any world: generating portals also continues;
  2. turning ordinary spiders into cavemen if they start eating poisonous potatoes;
  3. dropping cobwebs from cave spiders;
  4. pyglin breaks ancient debris;
  5. pyglin sells gilded stones;
  6. zoglin tear flags;
  7. bats and dolphins break shards of echoes when killed by a wave of sound;
  8. cats give gifts in the form of golden apples;
  9. horse armor crafting;
  10. in the melting furnace you can get calcite and tuff from Andesite;
  11. glowing ink and sweet berries come out glowing berry crafting;
  12. you can buy buckets of lava from the wanderer merchants;
  13. obtaining an infernal outgrowth;
  14. turning coal into diamonds
  15. if there’s water nearby, dead coral turns into sand;
  16. you can get glowing lichen if lightning strikes a lightning rod;
  17. turning stone into slate when using a potion;
  18. activation of the skulk shrieker.

With its extensive list of features, this mod has gained acceptance from most players.

New Changes

SmokeyStack's Skyblock mod for Minecraft PE 4

It is worth noting the following changes in SmokeyStack’s Skyblock:

  • additional items that will help in the battle with the Dragon of the Edge;
  • availability of an additional island with a useful chest;
  • new challenges and increased complexity of the gameplay.

The innovations that the mod will bring will help make the game more vivid and exciting.

How to install SmokeyStack’s Skyblock mod?

SmokeyStack's Skyblock mod for Minecraft PE 5

To perform the installation of SmokeyStack’s Skyblock in Minecraft PE, you just need to take a few steps:

  1. download the installation file from a verified source;
  2. open the mod through the game Minecraft;
  3. activate the mod in the game settings.

If all actions are performed correctly, new features will appear in the game, as well as items and tasks.

Download SmokeyStack’s Skyblock for Minecraft PE

To download SmokeyStack’s Skyblock addon for Minecraft PE, just click on the link below. If your smartphone is allowed to download from unknown sources, the download will start automatically.

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