Snake mod for Minecraft PE

Snake mod for MCPE Minecraft Bedrock Mods

Not enough thrills in the game? Make up for this lack will help mod Snake for Minecraft PE, available for free download. Now you should be careful when moving around in the block world, because at any moment there may appear a snake. More details about the mod can be found below.

Snake mod for Minecraft PE

Snake mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Snake mod for Minecraft PE to add exotic animals to the game space, which can be tamed and used for protection from enemies. The player will also be able to create unique items!

What is notable about this update?

You just need to download the Snake mod for Minecraft PE to appreciate all the bonuses of this addition! Usually, among the living creatures that inhabit the cubic world, player can not meet snakes. However, the Snake mod for MCPE can help you get acquainted with new mobs that have different abilities. They can be tamed, making them their bodyguards.

In addition, the update contains other animals and items.

Snake Mine.

We recommend downloading Snake mod for Minecraft PE, because this add-on introduces snakes into the cubic world, with which the user can make friends. In survival mode, new creatures can be found in caves and fortresses. In creative mode, the user should use spawn eggs. Snakes will replace the silverfish in the game. They can attack any mob.

Creatures can be tamed so that they do not attack the player. To this end, you need to feed them bones. When attacking, they perform a bite with their sharp teeth, which leads to the painful death of the opponent.

Tame mobs will follow the player, providing protection from enemy attacks.

It is worth considering that if one snake strikes, its friends will come to the defense.


You should simply download Snake mod for Minecraft PE with this Badlands addon, which is dedicated to the Wild West. This addon contains several themed animals, including a snake. The authors have created a mob with excellent animation. It is very similar to the rattlesnake. The creature has a bright coloring and moves extremely fast.

New creatures are absolutely harmless to the player, as well as to most other inhabitants of the cubic world.

Snake can be created by using a spawn egg. There are also eggs to create a vulture.

Wonderful Creatures

Addon Wonderful Creatures will introduce the Minecraft player not only to snakes, but also to other unique creatures. For example, buffalo, scorpions and camels that live in the desert will appear in the game. Rattlesnake is dangerous because it can poison.

Authors of this addon also added the recipes for creation of new items. For example, you can create a snake hat.

Compatible with Snake mod versions of Minecraft PE

Snake addon for Minecraft PE

This question is relevant for anyone who intends to download the Snake mod to add new reptiles to the game space of Minecraft PE by installing the update. The fact is that the mod Snake will only work on versions of Minecraft that support it. Such versions are:

  • 1.2.0 – 1.19.51 – for Snake Mine.
  • 1.18.0 – 1.19.51 – for the Badlands addon.
  • 1.19.0 – 1.19.51 – for the Wonderful Creatures

How to install Snake mod in MCPE

In order to install Snake mod in Minecraft PE and get access to all the features that it opens, you need to do the following:

  1. Download file required for installation.
  2. Run it, thereby importing it into the game.
  3. Start Minecraft PE and go to the settings.
  4. Select the imported file.
  5. Perform a restart of the game, and then re-enter the world for which the mod was installed.

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Download Snake mod for Minecraft PE for free

Below you can quickly and free download Snake mod for Minecraft PE. We make sure the version is up to date. If you have any questions – write us comments.

Download Snake Mine

For 1.2.0 – 1.19.60

MOD – snake-mod.mcpack
Texture- snake-texture.mcpack

Download Badlands addon

For 1.18.0 – 1.19.60


Download Wonderful Creatures

For 1.19.0 – 1.19.60

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