Sonic mod for Minecraft PE

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Download and install the Sonic mod for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) has never been so easy! Here you will find a detailed overview of all the features of this addition. So, let’s proceed.

sonic mod minecraft pe free

Sonic mod for Minecraft PE

Sonic mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Sonic mod for Minecraft PE and the fastest creatures in the universe will become your friends.

What does the Sonic add-on for Minecraft PE?

sonic mod for minecraft pocket edition

Sonic the Hedgehog, nicknamed Sonic, is one of the most famous characters. He is so popular that there are many animated series, an entire adventure film and countless games dedicated to him.

Even Minecraft PE (MCPE) users can now meet this fast hedgehog. He will protect them from any danger.

Sound Adventures

sonic mod for minecraft pocket edition apk file

This relatively small addition introduces 10 mobs that players will have to deal with. They are all well-known characters from the original series, so you won’t have any trouble figuring out who’s bad and who’s good.

The creators of Sonic mod for MCPE note that this addon is still being worked on, which means that there may be some problems during the gameplay. However, most players will not even notice them.

sonic mod minecraft pe 1.18

There are 10 new creatures in the block world. First of all, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog himself. He is fast and strong enough to kill zombies without much effort.

Tales and echidna Knuckles are friends of the main character.

The user will meet them more often in the game. In addition, there are Amy Rose and Crim Rabbit.

sonic mod minecraft pe

Dr. Eggman is also represented by the addon. He is clearly hostile to the player, who has become Sonic’s partner, whom this villain hates the most.

Giant blue dragons will also appear in the block world from now on. Although they can be encountered very rarely. Besides, there’s one more thing you should know about Dr. Eggman.

sonic mod minecraft pe free

Because he is a supervillain with enormous power and great intelligence, he flies around the world in his epic-looking spaceship. The vehicle shoots lasers and missiles at players.

However, once the bad guy is killed, you can climb up into the spaceship and use it as you see fit. This means that users now have a flying transport. Friends, companions, villains, and flying vehicles will be available in the cubic universe thanks to this addition.

What versions of Minecraft PE can I install the Sonic mod on?

sonic universe mod for minecraft pe

There are certain recommendations as to what versions of Minecraft PE it is worth installing the Sonic mod update, in order to take full advantage of all the opportunities it provides the player. The fact is that the modification will not work if you install it on incompatible versions of MCPE. The player will not encounter problems by installing the Sonic mod on any of the versions 1.11.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

How to install Sonic mod on MCPE?

sonic 2 mod minecraft pe

This process is as simple as possible, making the update accessible to absolutely every user, regardless of their experience. All it takes to add Sonic and his friends and enemies to the block universe is to download the installation file and open it in MCPE.

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Where can I find SONIC THE HEDGEHOG in this mod for MCPE?
It can be found in various places. Search for.
When does Doctor Eggman show up?
This mob appears at night time. It is impossible to find him during the daytime.
Is Dr. Eggman a strong mob?
It's a pretty tough mob. You have to try hard to damage it.
How can I download Sonic mod for Minecraft PE?
Download Sonic mod is very simple. There is a button below, click on it.

Download Sonic mod for Android for free

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Other versions of the Sonic mod

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Download Sonic the Hedgehog RP
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Download Sonic the Hedgehog RP
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Updated: 17.02.23

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