Want to be transported to a distant space for the duration of the game? Then you should definitely download free mods Space for Minecraft PE, which will allow you to make your dream a reality, adding new blocks, buildings and more. Details below.

Space mods for Minecraft PE

space mod for minecraft pocket edition

Download Space mods for Minecraft PE to explore the vastness of space and discover new galaxies every time you go. Many interesting discoveries await in the vastness of the universe.

What will appear in Minecraft game space with Space addon?

Space mods for Minecraft PE

Mojang Studios has announced that they are not going to add anything related to space in future game updates. That’s why fans of MCPE are working so hard to bring the science fiction genre to the gaming space.

Space mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition

There are now more than a dozen updates that add different dimensions. The player gets lots of weapons, armor, blocks and even creatures ready to kill.

Space mods for Minecraft PE - New Player Animations

Some of these addons even replace old materials to make them more fun to explore.

Space mods for Minecraft PE - Textures

Space addon for Minecraft PE

Space mods Minecraft PE - Cosmos

Space addon doesn’t add anything new, but it replaces the good old Edge. Its basic color scheme is black and white.

space mod for mcpe 2

Users don’t need to find a new way to get there, because nothing has changed when it comes to portals. They will still need the Eye of the Edge and the fortresses.

Space mod Minecraft PE - Cosmos

There is now a spacesuit in the block world. The oxygen helmet gives you 8 heartbeats and allows you to breathe underwater. The space jumpsuit makes the player shock resistant.

Space mods Minecraft PE - Space PE

There are also leggings that increase speed. This makes them ideal for running away from intergalactic monsters. The space boots eliminate any damage sustained in a fall.

space mod for mcpe

They are made of leather.

Space PE addon

Technically, the spacesuit is the formerly known leather armor in the block world. It’s white by default, but the player can dye it if they want.

2101 Oddessy 3

Spaceship addon in MCPE


Another addon serves no less interesting purpose. It turns out that all zombies in the cubic universe are now real spaceships, which the player can even sit on.

2101 Oddessy -2

These spaceships fly around the galactic expanse and can take the hero with them. Their model is not as great as it could be, but overall they are very even great.

space mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Spaceships have fairly high speed. They are also very durable.

2101 Oddessy

In order to control these zombie spaceships, you will need a golden sword. It works almost like climbing a pig.

On which versions of MCPE do the developers recommend installing Space mod?

space mod for minecraft pe

It is important to find out this point, before proceeding to download the update of the mod Space with its subsequent installation on MCPE. After all, the user will waste time if he installs the modification on MCPE versions that are not compatible with it. Both add-ons (space and spaceship) will work fine if installed on any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51.

space rocket mod for minecraft pe

Steps in the process of installing Space in Minecraft PE

space mod for minecraft pocket edition

Installing the mod Space, after which the blocky world of Minecraft PE will turn into vast galactic expanses, will not cause difficulties even for a beginner, provided that he will follow all the steps described below:

  1. Downloading file to install the Space mod.
  2. Opening file in MCPE to automatically install everything you need.
  3. Starting MCPE and then switching to editing the world.
  4. Selecting the Resource Kit and finding the texture file and then clicking to activate.
  5. Selecting the Resource Kit and finding an add-on file to click on to activate it.

space mod for minecraft pe 1.18

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Download Space mods for Minecraft PE

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