Spartan Shield mod for Minecraft PE

Spartan Shield mod for Minecraft PE

Download the mod for Spartan Shield for Minecraft PE and create a whole army of magnificent warriors to win any battles. And before that, we recommend studying the detailed description of the addon!

Briefly about the addon Spartan Shield for MCPE

Spartan Shield mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Fans of films about ancient wars will be able to embody in the game scenes of those times. Strong and brave Spartans will confront the hostile mobs of the block universe. The Spartan Shield mod for MCPE adds a real army of medieval soldiers to the game universe. You can also diversify the game’s inventory with swords and sturdy shields.

300 Made of War

Spartan Shield mod for MCPE

This addon to the Spartan Shield mod adds Spartan and Minotaur monsters to the cubic world. Spartans can be tamed with a salmon. They are initially neutral to the player and only attack monsters.

spartan shield mod minecraft pe

Minotaurs will always attack the player aggressively. But they don’t touch monsters. These monsters are armed with an axe. Fighting them alone is dangerous, it is better to do it from afar, as the player has no chance against a minotaur in close combat.

If the game starts to run slowly, it is better to disable the creation of all mobs through the command /kill@e.

mod spartan shields minecraft pe 1.19

Minotaurs live in the game world in large groups. They cause increased damage to the player. Therefore, it is better to resort to the help of a squad of Spartans in the fight against them. Such a battle will be very spectacular with Spartan Shield mod for MCPE.

spartan shield mod minecraft pe 1.18

Spartan Swords

Spartan Shield mod for Minecraft PE 1.20

This addon adds Spartan shields to the game. There are 6 of them in total:

  • stone;
  • gold;
  • diamond;
  • obsidian;
  • neserite.

They differ from each other in the degree of strength. The strongest shield is made of neserite. The probability of its breakage is practically zero. As a nice bonus to the equipment, the player gets repulsive abilities, as well as full immunity to fire and lava.

The gold shield is not durable. It does, however, give the player immunity against Pillings. The main function of the MCPE Spartan Shield mod is protection from enemies. It protects the player from hunger, poison, and enchanted arrows.

Armor can be enchanted with repulsion, spikes and protection. A special feature allows you to set a hostile mob on fire if Steve hits it with his shield.

What versions of MCPE is the Spartan Shield mod compatible with?

Spartan Shield addin for Minecraft PE

Every player can fully enjoy all the features offered by the developers of the Spartan Shield mod in MCPE. The main condition for this is to install the addon on those versions of Minecraft PE that support them. The addon 300 Made of War will work without problems on versions 1.6.0 – 1.19.50, and the Spartan Shields add-on should be installed on versions 1.17.0 – 1.19.50 – 1.20.0.

How to install Spartan Shield mod?

Spartan Shield mod MCPE

Install the update of the mod Spartan Shield can be quite simple, because this does not require any special knowledge or skills. The player needs to follow all the steps described below:

  1. Download the installation file to your PC or phone (Android OS);
  2. Opening this file in MCPE.

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Download Spartan Shield mod for Minecraft PE

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