Squid Game is a great mod for Minecraft PE, which has become one of the most popular this year. This addition is based on the world-famous series, so many fans will love it. Below you will learn the main benefits of the addon, as well as be able to download the installation APK file for Android.

Squid Game mod for MCPE

Squid Game mod for Minecraft PE

The Squid Game mod for MCPE will transport the player to the famous Korean TV series! And MCPEDLEX.com made sure that you can download the latest version of the Squid Game mod for your Minecraft PE for free.

What’s new in Squid Game for Minecraft?

squid game mod MCPE APK

The series of the same name has become popular in all parts of the world incredibly fast. His fans are also among the users of Minecraft PE. The authors of the squid game MCPE mod have recreated all the pictures in the block world.

Squid Game mod update contains a symbolic robot girl, familiar to absolutely everyone. In addition, users will be able to see the cursed tree, which appeared at one of the initial stages of the game. Soldiers will also appear in the block universe.


squid game mod minecraft pe

Squid game mod for MCPE contains a huge number of unique creatures that can also be involved in the game. They all have the same functions as in the famous television series.

Squid Game mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The puppet robot will assault the characters as soon as the challenge begins. The Squid Game addon update also includes the legendary tree known from the first stage of the game. The addon collection contains red fighters as well. They are not as strong as the chrysalis, but they are also extremely insecure.

The key rules of the game with Squid Game mod

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In order to start the game, users need to wear green jumpsuits. The characters of the Korean drama were dressed in exactly the same costumes. When all the test participants will change into special suits, the robot girl will try to destroy them and will throw fireballs at them.

Squid Game mod mcpe

Once the game is launched, the user should find shelter as soon as possible, otherwise the fighters and the doll will destroy it.

3-D Soldier.

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In addition to the regular soldiers, the game also adds more upgrades in the spirit of the popular series. The difference is that they have three-dimensional textures and look great. But first of all they should be treated as enemies, who will always try to kill the player.

Squid Game mod for MCPE

What versions of Minecraft PE can I install the Squid Game mod on?

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This is the first question that should be of interest to any player who has decided to take full advantage of the Squid Game mod, because its correct operation is due to compatibility with the version of MAPE. In order to fill the game space with the atmosphere of the famous series, you need to make sure that the version of the game Minecraft – 1.13.0 – 1.19.50 – 1.20.0.

Installing Squid Game mod in Minecraft

Squid Game mod

The main feature of installing Squid Game mod is that it does not require any special skills. You need to download the installation APK file of the Squid Game mod to your computer on your own, and then install it in your Minecraft PE.

Download Squid Game mod for MCPE

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Below there are two links to download the free installation APK file with Squid Game mod for Android and iOS smartphones.

  • For Android devices
  • For iOS gadgets

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Download Squid Game Mod for Minecraft PE

Use the link below to download the Squid Game mod for Minecraft PE! Only on MCPEDLEX Free, fast and safe download of mods for Android!

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Updated: 17.02.23

Reason for update: added all versions of Squid Game mods for Minecraft PE different versions, from the earliest to the most updated version 1.20.0+