Download Star Trek Map for Minecraft PE: Explore a Space Base, Discover Intriguing Areas, and Engage with Friends!

What does the Star Trek Map bring to MCPE?

Star Trek enthusiasts will delight in this Minecraft PE map, designed to transport players to an authentic space base featuring several ships that perfectly embody the renowned science fiction universe.

Star Trek

The central attraction of this Minecraft PE map is a 22-deck ship containing numerous unique areas to explore. Players are encouraged to visit the iconic captain’s bridge at the heart of the vessel, complete with the captain’s chair. Additionally, the ship houses a dining area, medical bay, and engineering deck.


One of the ships includes the memorable room where Spock meets his fate, as portrayed in the Star Trek saga. Players should also explore the area containing the shuttles, taking the time to examine each one in detail.

Another captivating aspect of the map is the captain’s training facility, equipped with a gym and numerous corridors for players to navigate.


This map showcases an expansive spaceport featuring numerous vessels from the Star Trek universe. Minecraft PE players can marvel at the intricately detailed ship models, reflecting the developers’ dedication and efforts.

All structures are crafted in a consistent style, constructed from gray blocks and outfitted with everything needed for players to embark on their interstellar journeys.

Players can investigate the location and individual objects, enter the spaceships, and immerse themselves in the Star Trek experience. The map also contains smaller shuttles and a flight control center.

At night, Minecraft PE players can enjoy a stunning luminescent display, as all ships are illuminated, adding to the map’s allure.

Download Star Trek Map for Minecraft PE