If you download the Stone Texture Pack for Minecraft PE, you can change the appearance of all stone blocks and surfaces in the game, making them more interesting. Now the blocky world will look different, allowing you to see the game in a new light. Read on for more details.

Stone Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Users should download the Stone Texture Pack for Minecraft PE to get access to updated blocks. With them, the buildings in the blocky space will look even more interesting and beautiful, making it more enjoyable to stay here.

What’s interesting about the texture pack?

Many users spend a lot of time playing construction and creating new buildings. Blocks that have been modified in the Stone Texture Pack MCPE become more popular among players.

This is due to their versatility – these blocks are suitable for most structures. In addition, they can be easily found in the vast blocky world. The creators of the update decided to improve their appearance by adding something new and unusual.


Mojang Studios developers created stone blocks with a stripe in the middle. At first, it was unclear why this was done. Some speculated that the authors wanted to give volume or an unusual look to the structures.

In any case, the creators of the Stone Texture Pack for MCPE decided to change this pattern and remove the dividing stripe. A small change can completely change the look of a structure made of these blocks.

Now you can realize your ideas in construction by building new and unusual structures.


When mining minerals, the user will notice how the surrounding space has changed. The fact is that the creators of the Stone Texture Pack decided to update the appearance of granite, andesite, and diorite.

Usually quite dull and inconspicuous blocks acquire very interesting graphics. This will allow them to be used more often in construction and even design.

These materials are not very popular among players, mainly because buildings made from them are quite monotonous and unattractive.

Stairs, railings, and other objects made from these materials will also receive updated designs. It is worth downloading the Stone Texture Pack for Minecraft PE for free to start creating something new and unusual.

Which versions of the game support the texture pack?

Don’t assume that the texture pack will work fine when installed on any version of Minecraft PE. Like any other update, it is designed for specific game versions, which the creators inform users about. Correct operation of the Stone Texture Pack for MCP is possible only when installed on one of the versions from 1.2.0 to 1.19.50.

How to install the texture pack?

Almost any user can handle the installation of the update, even if they are doing it for the first time. All you need to do is follow all the tips described in the brief guide:

  1. First, you need to install Optifine.
  2. Then you need to download the texture pack file and transfer it to .minecraft/resourcepacks.
  3. Finally, go to Settings, find the Resource Packs section, and select the desired texture pack.

Download Stone Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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