Need even more powerful weapons and sturdy armor in the block world? Then it’s definitely worth downloading Techguns mod for Minecraft PE, which will add it all to the game space. Get the opportunity to become virtually invincible to even the strongest enemies. More details are provided below.

Techguns mod for Minecraft PE

Techguns mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Techguns mod for Minecraft PE to try on incredibly cool armor designed in a futuristic style. The update also allows you to get weapons that allow you to defeat your enemies!

Overview of Techguns mod for MCPE

Techguns mod for Minecraft PE GUN MODS 3d

Users can use armor and weapons in the cubic world to battle enemies. But some of them find the available options to be primitive, and they would like more modern models with a futuristic design. Techguns mod for MCPE will allow you to get items that will make the player a perfect warrior.

Any user will find the right armor and be able to use powerful weapons to fight enemies.

Laser Cannon

Techguns mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Fans of epic firefights will definitely love the addon. It replaces some of the usual block world items with futuristic ones. For example, instead of the usual bows, the game will have laser cannons, which are much cooler and more powerful.

tech guns mod for mcpe changes

Some mobs have also been replaced by mechanical robots with slightly better abilities.

Laser cannons shoot beams that defy the laws of gravity. They provoke a fiery explosion and do a lot of damage to blocks and the inhabitants of the cubic space.

3D Cannons

Techguns mod for Minecraft PE 1.19

Those players who miss the weapon arsenal presented in the update should take advantage of the Actualgun 3D add-on.

It introduces 6 new types of realistic weapons that allow you to easily defeat any enemy.

tech guns mod for mcpe download

Special feature of this addon is the unique animation added by the authors. Players will realistically hold weapons in their hands, reload and shoot.


techguns mod minecraft pe 1.19

This addon offers 9 models of armor, which are very different from the usual options. Most of them are made in a futuristic style. However, the addon also includes simpler options that are suitable for role-playing with friends.

tech guns mod for mcpe 1.19

All of the new items introduced in the update are custom items. They can be found in the inventory. Players can try on a spacesuit, black armor with a helmet and more.

The creators of this mod also added new tools and several types of weapons to the block world. Among them, for example, the knife.

Compatible with Techguns mod Minecraft Pocket Edition versions

tech guns mod minecraft pe download

It is worth understanding that the game’s arsenal of weapons and armor sets will be updated with new futuristic models only if you install the Techguns mod on certain versions of Minecraft PE. These versions are specified by the developers as those that support the work of this or that add-on. Such versions for the addons Laser Gun and 3D Guns are 1.16.0-1.19.51 – 1.20.0 +. to install the armor addon require versions 1.17.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0+.

Installing the Techguns mod in MCPE

tech guns mod for mcpe

Installation process of Techguns mod in Minecraft PE, after completion of which you can replenish the game’s collection of combat accessories with unique items, involves sequential steps performed by the user. Among these steps are:

  1. Installing Minecraft Forge, as well as additional mods (if specified).
  2. Downloading the mod file and copying it to .minecraft/mods.
  3. Launching through the luncher version of MCPE with forge.

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Download Techguns mod for Minecraft PE

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