MCPEDLEX portal is always on the side of the players, so we present the opportunity to download and install Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE 1.19+ (Pocket Edition) completely free and without advertising.

We appreciate your time like no other, so we offer you a brief overview of the benefits of this add-on.

Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE

Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE for a chance to expand the possibilities and push the boundaries of what is possible in the block world. There are a lot of features here that aren’t in the base version of the game, so the addition will be especially useful for newcomers.

premium toolbox mod for minecraft pe

How to use Toolbox mod in Minecraft?

Toolbox mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE users have always wanted something more than what they had in the original version of the game. It turned out that its inventory capabilities were not enough. So many mod developers decided to team up and create something outstanding. In the end, they ended up with too many items.

new toolbox mod for minecraft pe

Toolbox addon in MCPE would allow for an expanded version of the game’s inventory. The user would actually be able to use a pretty handy sidebar and even control the weather. But its implementation proved to be flawed, so the addon turned into the Toolbox MCPE mod.

Recipes and Origins

Toolbox mod for MCPE

According to the creators of the update, they tried to implement as many features as possible in the cubic universe. Eventually, the player will be able to control many things. Once the Toolbox mod is installed, the player will see the “M button on the left side of the screen. It allows you to open the very command center.

how to use toolbox mod for mcpe

Player gets access to many blocks, controls the weather and even finds interesting recipes for crafting. By the way, now it’s pretty easy to find out how items are crafted. Just choose any of them and you get what you need.

Enchantment and customization

toolbox mod for minecraft pe 1.19

Toolbox addon for MCPE also allows you to enchant items without a table or game experience. All you have to do is click on the right button. Users then choose their enchantments and the items they want to enchant. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your levels, since it’s free.

how to use toolbox mod for minecraft pe

In add-on, there is also the option to change the game world settings. It turns out that you can actually customize the game mode, size, and flight. The player is able to disable the hunger system and instantly heal themselves in the block world.

Teleportation in Toolbox mod

toolbox mod for minecraft pe 1.19.22

In Tollbox Addon for MCPE, it is now possible to set a teleportation point in the game. By the way, this is quite quick and easy to do. Player can also create a lot of such points to easily move between different locations. In general, the Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE is quite handy.

On which versions of MСPE is the Toolbox mod installed?

toolbox mod for minecraft pe 1.19.51

Everyone player of Minecraft Pocket Edition should take into account the fact that the Toolbox mod will open all its possibilities when installed not on all versions of Minecraft PE. There are specific recommendations from the authors of the mod, according to which it should be installed on any of the versions 0.14.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0, in order to add to the game world extended capabilities.

Installing the Toolbox MCPE mod

new toolbox mod menu for minecraft pe

This process does not take much time and is extremely simple. Almost any player will be able to cope, if he will follow a brief guide. The first step is to download the installation file and its textures. The second step involves installing this file in Minecraft PE.

toolbox for minecraft pe mod apk

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Download Toolbox mod for Minecraft PE 1.19 – 1.20

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