Minecraft 1.20 has added a host of new features and items, including pottery shards that provide unique building and crafting options. This guide will take you through the methods to obtain pottery shards in Minecraft 1.20.

Exploring Ancient Ruins

Ancient ruins scattered throughout the Minecraft world are an excellent source of pottery shards. These remnants of past civilizations contain pottery shards that can be found among the rubble and remnants of former structures. Keep a lookout for these ruins as you traverse the landscape, and you’ll soon accumulate a collection of pottery shards.

Digging Up Buried Treasure

Pottery shards can also be found in treasure chests buried in the Minecraft 1.20 world. To locate these hidden troves, you’ll need to find a treasure map, typically discovered in shipwrecks or ocean ruins. Follow the directions on the map to the marked location, and you’ll discover a treasure chest filled with valuable loot, including pottery shards.

Trading with Villagers

Engaging in commerce with villagers is another way to gather pottery shards in Minecraft 1.20. Certain villagers, such as the archaeologist, may offer pottery shards in exchange for emeralds or other items. To maximize your chances of finding a villager with pottery shards, explore various villages and interact with the local inhabitants.

Sifting Through Desert Temples

Desert temples hidden within the vast expanses of sand can be a goldmine for pottery shards. These ancient structures often contain hidden chambers filled with chests that hold valuable resources. Navigate the temple’s traps, and you’ll retrieve the pottery shards hidden within.

Crafting Pottery Shards

Crafting pottery shards directly is not possible, but you can create items using these fragments. Once you have a sufficient collection of pottery shards, experiment with crafting recipes to create decorative and functional items such as pottery blocks, mosaics, and ornamental vases.


Pottery shards in Minecraft 1.20 offer a wealth of opportunities for creativity and exploration. By following this guide, you’ll learn the most effective ways to obtain pottery shards and unlock the full potential of your Minecraft world. Immerse yourself in the adventure and enjoy the satisfaction of uncovering these fascinating fragments.