Vampire mod for Minecraft PE

Vampire mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition Minecraft Bedrock Mods

Super-popular addon to the Minecraft game world! Vampire mod has become one of the most downloaded over the past year, this means only one thing, it is interesting and definitely deserves attention!

Vampire mod for Minecraft PE

Vampire mod for Minecraft PE

Download Vampire mod for Minecraft PE to reincarnate into a terrifying creature. And before you download and install this addition to the game world, please read our review.

What’s new in Vampire mod for MCPE?

Vampire mod for Minecraft PE free download

Vampires are creatures that look quite intimidating and spread terror all around. These creatures live in gloomy castles where there is not a single living soul within a radius of several kilometers around.

Vampires are just as common in modern media as other undead creatures like zombies and werewolves. In the blocky world of Minecraft PE, however, there are none at all.

Vampire mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mojang Studios doesn’t even plan to add these monsters to the game space anytime soon. Fortunately, there is the Internet, and numerous mod developers release their projects almost every day.

Vampire mods are just as popular as the lamis themselves. That means it shouldn’t be hard to choose the best one out there.

Arrogant Bloodsuckers.

vampire mod for minecraft pe 1.19

This addon for Minecraft PE features real vampires that will roam the wilderness looking for bags of blood or players.

It is worth exercising extreme caution, because they are really hard to defeat. The user needs to understand that there are several types of them. This makes the Upper World an even more horrible place to live.

vamp mod minecraft

A random vampire does 7 units of damage. They only appear at night, so it’s best to build a protective shelter before dusk.

Regular vampires are fast and impossible to escape, especially when struck by lightning.

They seem to turn into Dracula. They are a more sophisticated and profound version of ordinary bloodsuckers.

All of these minions of death are afraid of light and drop goblets of wine. The player can use these items to create something epic.

Vampire Defense.

vampire addon for minecraft pe 1.19

Every creature that walks the Earth is known to have weaknesses. For example, bloodsuckers can’t stand sharp wooden sticks or stakes.
If the Minecraft PE player manages to craft them on the first day, he will be more or less protected, and he will have the equipment to fight against the minions of darkness.

Stake consists of one stick and an iron bar. It deals 6 points of damage, making it as strong as the iron sword.

Compatible MCPE versions with the Vampire mod

mod vampire minecraft pe

Developers of any modifications always indicate on which versions of MCPE they should be installed, in order to make the most of all the possibilities and enjoy the updated gameplay. The same recommendations exist for the mod Vampire for MKPE, which should be installed on versions 1.14.0 – 1.19.51.

Installation process for Vampire mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

vampirism mod minecraft

The process of installing the Vampire mod in Minecraft PE does not differ in any way, except for one, which is an incredible simplicity. The user will easily be able to add bloodthirsty creatures to the game space if:

  1. Downloads the installation MCADDON file from our website.
  2. opens the Minecraft PE application on his smartphone and install the previously downloaded file.

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Download Vampire addon for Minecraft PE

vampirism mod minecraft download


Vampire Craft addon

Download Vampire Craft v1.7.0 BP 1.19.51
Download Vampire Craft v1.7.0 RP
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.7 BP for 1.19.41
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.7 RP
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.6 BP for 1.19.31
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.6 RP
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.4 BP for 1.19.21
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.4 RP
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.3 BP for 1.19.11
Download Vampire Craft v1.6.3 RP
Download Vampire Craft v1.6 addon
Download Vampire Craft v5.2 addon for 1.18.12
Download Vampire Craft v5.0 addon for 1.18.2
Download Vampire Craft v4.6 addon
Download Vampire Craft v4.5 addon for 1.18.0
Download Vampire Craft v4.2 addon for 1.17.40
Download Vampire Craft v4.1 addon for 1.17.34
Download Vampire Craft v3.9.4 addon for 1.17.x
Download Vampire Craft v3.8.5 addon for 1.17.2
Download Vampire Craft v3.6.1 addon for 1.17.0
Download Vampire Craft v3.5 addon for 1.16.220

Updated: 17.02.23
Reason for update: added all versions of vampire mods for Minecraft PE different versions, from the earliest to the most updated version 1.20.0+

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