If you want to enhance the appearance of all the bodies of water in the Minecraft world, then you should definitely download the Water Texture Pack for Minecraft PE. After installing it, you’ll be able to see rivers, lakes, and other water bodies in an entirely new light. Read on for more details.

Water Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Downloading the Water Texture Pack for Minecraft PE is a must for anyone who wants to explore an amazing new world where all water bodies look simply stunning. Playing in such a space will be much more enjoyable.

What can you expect from this texture pack?

With each update, the creators of the pack strive to create a more perfect and realistic world. One of the crucial components of the blocky world is its water resources.

The developers of the Water Texture Pack for MCPE have completely changed the structure and graphics of all water bodies in the blocky universe. Now, it has an atmosphere of incredible comfort. You’ll enjoy spending time in your favorite game.


The creators of this addon for the Water Texture Pack MCPE have managed to create an amazing world view. All natural water reservoirs have changed their color. Most importantly, the shades will change depending on the biome they’re located in.

The colder the biome, the darker the water will be. Thanks to these changes, the cubic world becomes more realistic and the graphics are enhanced.

Changes have also been made to the fog. Its density and composition will also vary depending on the terrain. For example, in the jungle, the fog will be denser, in the desert, it will contain dust particles, and in cold biomes, the fog contains frost elements.


This addon for the Water Texture Pack Minecraft PE will allow you to enjoy water bodies with clean, transparent water. Now you can easily find treasures or items that are located deep underwater.

Thanks to the night vision function, which the creators have also added to the addon, it will be even easier to find valuable things in dark caves. You won’t need torches or any special lighting anymore because you’ll be able to see even in the darkest locations.

Incredible underwater adventures in the blocky world await every hero. All you need to do is download the Water Texture Pack for Minecraft PE.

Which game versions is this texture pack compatible with?

Don’t forget that each update is created for specific game versions, and it will only work correctly when installed on these versions. You can transform all the water bodies in the cubic world, making them more beautiful and realistic, by installing the texture pack on any of the versions from 1.0.0 to

What do you need for installation?

To install the texture pack and enjoy the changes that have taken place in the blocky world, you should follow the recommendations and complete all the steps of the installation process:

  • First, it is recommended to install Optifine.
  • Then, download the file and copy it to .minecraft\resourcepacks.
  • Finally, go to Settings and select the desired texture pack.

Everything is ready for an updated game!

Download Water Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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