Guys, it’s time to find out what Wings mod does in Minecraft Pocket Edition! For those who already know everything, we suggest to watch the video and then download and install the addon in MCPE!

The best Wings mod for Minecraft PE

Wings mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Wings mod for Minecraft PE to get some new flight items to choose the ones you like!

Overview of the Wings addon for Minecraft

ultimate wings mod for minecraft

What is the main point of the Wings addon in Minecraft PE? – Players who are tired of using wings to fly would be happy to know that there is an easy way to fly.

Wings mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

There are some cool wing addons that are worth installing in Minecraft PE. They make it easy for users to fly and choose the right color and type for themselves.

Wearables addon for MCPE

mcpe more wings mod

Wearables addon will bring to the MCPE game world new items that the player can easily use. If you are looking for flight gear, then download the Wings mod for MCPE and find 32 variants of wings in it.

The 2 main types are presented here in 16 colors, so the user will be able to change them as they see fit. There are also some unique colored capes.

Wings mod for Minecraft PE - Fly mode

Players can only use the wings in creative mode. You must also activate the experimental mode in the menu before using the mod.

First of all, you need to unlock the wings with a special button. Then walk next to them to put them on. In order to take them off, you should jump up and cling to the ground.

Wings On Armor addon for MCPE

wings mod for mcpe apk

The Wings On Armor mod for MCPE is a small addon that adds new types of wings for angels and demons to set armor. Do you want to make your character’s appearance impressive? Then this addition should be in your collection!

Wings addon for Minecraft PE

It’s worth knowing that these wings won’t allow you to fly. If you need to add this ability to the game, you should install another mod.

Classic Wings mod for MCPE

mcpe monster wings mod

The Wings addon for MCPE gives players the ability to fly. The developers have created 6 types of wings with unique textures and animations.

Wings mod works in Minecraft even in survival mode and does not require special commands. Players can find new items in unexpected places, such as a fortress, a pyramid in the desert or the jungle.

Wings addon MCPE

To put the wings on, it is worth holding them in your hand. Flying is easy to control – the player must look in the direction he wants to fly.

For which versions of Minecraft PE is the Wings mod suitable?

wings mod para minecraft pe

The Minecraft PE player, before installing the Wings mod and taking advantage of all the opportunities it provides, should first find out if his version of Minecraft PE is compatible with the update addons. After all, this is the key condition for its correct work.

  • Addon Wearables is designed for versions 1.13.0 – 1.19.50.
  • The Wings on Armor addon is compatible with versions 1.14.0 – 1.19.50
  • Wings will work on versions 1.16.0 – 1.19.50

How to install Wings mod on MCPE?

dragon wings mod minecraft pe

Installing the Wings mod update on MCPE is simple, taking two simple steps in turn. The first involves downloading a boot file to your PC. In the second step, the user should open Minecraft PE and install the downloaded APK file.

Download Wings mod for Minecraft

wings mod for minecraft pe download

Below you can download Wings mod for devices on the Android operating system, as well as for a personal computer (if you have a smartphone emulator).

  • For Android
  • For iOS


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Wings on Armor

[button href=”” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Wings on Armor MCPACK[/button]


[button href=”” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Wings mod.mcpack[/button] [button href=”” hide_link=”yes” size=”small” target=”_self”]Download Wings Texture.mcpack[/button]

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