Download new Wither Storm mod for Minecraft PE to access new bosses and challenges. To win, you’ll have to rack your brains, choosing the right tactics. Before you download MCPE addon, we suggest you read its detailed description to understand what changes await you in the block world of MCPE.

mod wither storm minecraft pe 2023

Wither Storm mod for Minecraft PE

Wither Storm mod for Minecraft PE

The update of the mod Wither Storm in Minecraft PE will attract all players who want to engage in an exciting battle with a powerful boss. In addition, it is attractive and other features described below combat.

mod wither storm minecraft pe 1.19 download

Key benefits of the Wither Storm mod in MCPE

mod wither storm minecraft pe 2023

In the blocky world of Minecraft PE, there are only a few bosses to fight. This doesn’t suit players who want something more challenging. This survival game is pretty easy to beat, and that’s why many get creative, inventing new addons and mods. This time, the authors decided to completely change the Exterminator in the cubic universe.

Characteristics of the Wither Storm addon

Wither Storm mod

Once the Wither Storm addon is installed in Minecraft Pocket Edition, players will be able to summon the most intricate mobs, which are quite difficult to defeat. Now, there are 6 unique and deadly stages to go through. With each new stage, the player has little time left to recharge and prepare for the next step. Defeating a new boss without anyone’s help is nearly impossible. The player should ask for help from his bravest and toughest friends.

Game Stages

Wither Storm MCPE

The Exterminator is not easy, so not only will you need help from your friends, but also strategy. It turns out that this is impossible in a blocky world.

Nevertheless, there is always a way to solve something. Although in this case it will be more difficult, since the boss already has 1 million health points in the first stage.

wither storm mod for minecraft pocket edition

Fortunately for the player, the health of the boss does not regenerate over time. Therefore, you can wait a little while and recharge. Moreover, the first 4 stages are almost identical.

The most striking thing is the change in the shape of the mob. It turns out that he becomes the Storm Devourer that everyone remembers from Minecraft: Story Mode.

best wither storm mod for minecraft pe

In the final stage, this monster becomes incredibly massive and unwieldy. Obviously, he’s also nearly invincible.


Wither Storm Minecraft PE

Another exciting feature of the Wither Storm mod for MCPE is Ultra Drowned. He only appears in the Chinese version of the game and is as dangerous as the Devourer. All in all, 2 epic and mesmerizingly dangerous bosses appear in the game.

Wither Storm addon for Minecraft PE

MCPE versions that support Wither Storm addon

Wither Storm mod for Minecraft PE - SpawnSpider

Absolutely all the features of the Wither Storm mod will become available to players immediately after its installation. However, you should keep in mind that you should only install the mod on the version of Minecraft PE that is compatible with it, because this condition is the key to the proper work of the mod. With the mod Wither Storm compatible version Minecraft PE from 0.14.0 to 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

Installing Wither Storm in Minecraft

Wither Storm mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition - Spawn Skeleton

In most cases, installing Wither Storm mod is done by the following simple instructions:

  1. Downloading of Minecraft Forge (in case of its absence).
  2. Downloading the installation file mod Wither Storm and its textures.
  3. Copying the file to .minecraft\mods (unpacking is not required).
  4. Launch the game.

How to download Wither Storm mod for free?

Wither Storm mod for MCPE

We provide all mods, textures and other add-ons for free and with no limit on the number of downloads per visitor. There is a button below, by clicking on which you will automatically download the installation file.

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