Wolf mod for Minecraft

Dowload and install Wolf mod for MCPE

Download the Wolf mod for Minecraft PE and populate the block world with new inhabitants, tame wolves and paint them in bright colors.

Wolf Mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Wolf mod for Minecraft PE

In Wolf mod for Minecraft PE, you’ll find that not only dogs can be loyal friends. Wolves do a great job in this role in the cubic universe. With them, Steve can go on long journeys without fearing for his life and health.

Mutant Wolves – update

Wolf mod for MCPE - what is new

The Wolf mod for MCPE adds a large pack of wolves to the game, among which there is even a mutant skeleton wolf. The animals have excellent animation. They can wag their tail like real wolves, run, jump and play with their master.

Wolf mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

In addition, the Wolf mod update for MCPE allows the player to paint the wolf fur in any color. Predators live in forest biomes.

Wolf mod for Minecraft

It should be noted that wolves in the game are primarily mutants. This means that they will be larger than normal individuals.

Wolves Plus

Wolf mod for Minecraft 2

Wolves Plus mod for Minecraft PE adds a large number of different wolves to the block world. Among them there are white, black, snow and others. The main feature is that the animals will now live in the Lower World and the Underworld.

A total of about 17 species of wolves have been added with the Wolf mod MCPE. 15 of them can be created naturally. The player will also find new items in the inventory: wolf toys, loungers, and the animals’ favorite treats.

Wolf mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition - free

Wolves with a glowing tail live in the Underworld. It glows due to the fire coming out of its tail. When the predator enters the water, the tail will stick out. And once it dries out, the fire reappears.

The wolves of the Underworld can also become loyal companions and protectors. To tame them, Steve will need mushrooms.

Wolf Armor

Wolf mod for Minecraft APK

With the Wolf Minecraft PE mod, the player can take care of any wolf. He just needs to put on the armor, which comes in 5 different variants:

  • gold;
  • diamond;
  • chainmail;
  • iron;
  • neserite.

Wolf mod for Minecraft PE

Any defense can be created with a workbench. With armor, the wolf will be protected, and will be able to resist any hostile mob.

For the wolf to help carry all the necessary equipment in his travels, the player needs to put a chest on him.

For which versions of Minecraft PE is the update designed for?

Wolf mod for Minecraft for Android

Any modification is intended for specific versions of MCPE, and in case it will be installed on the version that does not support it, the user will not be able to take full advantage of its addons. For this reason, it is necessary to make sure that existing versions are compatible with addons mod:

  • Colorful Mutant Wolves – 1.1.5 – 1.19.50 -1.20.0.
  • Wolves Plus – 1.16.0 – 1.19.50 – 1.20.0.
  • Wolf Armor – 1.17.0 – 1.19.50 – 1.20.0.

How to install Wolf mod on Minecraft PE?

Wolf mod for Minecraft PE - overview

Installing Wolf mod on Minecraft PE is easy enough, and this process will not cause difficulties even for novice Minecraft PE users. The simplicity of the installation process lies in the need to perform only two simple steps:

  1. Downloading the installation file.
  2. Install this file into Minecraft PE.