World Wild Animals addon for Minecraft PE is one of the most extensive animal mods. After its successful installation there is an opportunity to get acquainted with numerous animals, predators and other inhabitants. Having studied the key features, you can eliminate the risks of misunderstanding after launching a fascinating game. Players are guaranteed a lot of positive emotions and incredible fascination.

World Wild Animals mod for Minecraft PE

World Wild Animals addon

World Wild Animals addon for Minecraft PE

When you decide to install the unique World Wild Animals addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition, the game world of each user changes dramatically. From the first launch, it is possible to get to know new creatures, and in every biome. Many of them can be easily tamed, which automatically entails getting a new companion for yourself. But there are also those that are aggressive towards all around them.

Functions of the mod

WWA mod for Minecraft PE

World Wild Animals addon’s primary function is the ability to tame some new animals. This requires the use of a gold bone. This is a versatile item that is applicable to numerous animals.

To make a gold bone, it is necessary to use 8 gold nuggets and 1 bone. The recipe for the crafting is not difficult to obtain.

New Changes

World Wild Animals addon Minecraft PE

In World Wild Animals, much of the focus is on new beasts. The main category includes:

  • Several varieties of elephants: the Asian elephant and the African elephant. Each player has the opportunity to meet them in the savannah or jungle. Should not forget that they eat only sugar blocks, and for the rapid domestication of the golden bone is used. With a positive outcome can be used as the main animal for movement, provided that the appropriate saddle with the ability to store available items;
  • bears, which can now often be found in forest biomes. Like elephants, they are represented by several species. Of the disadvantages stand out the impossibility of taming them. However, they are neutral to others if you do not touch them first;
  • The lion, which, as it should, lives in the savanna or dense jungle. What is noteworthy, all, without exception, predators of the family of felines, in the presented fashion can be easily tamed, using not only the golden brush, but also raw meat as the main food. In the case of taming and installing a specialized saddle, there are no restrictions on use as a means of transportation.

World Wild Animals addon allows you not only to appreciate the new animals, but also added several varieties of new ore. With their help it is possible to produce quality armor, dangerous weapons or all kinds of tools.

How to install the World Wild Animals addon?

World Wild Animals addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition

It doesn’t take much effort to install the World Wild Animals addon. The exhaustive procedure includes:

  1. Preloading the mod.
  2. Opening it with Minecraft.
  3. Activation of the appropriate set in the world settings.
  4. Activation of all available settings in the “Experimental gameplay” in world parameters.

WWA addon for Minecraft PE

To activate a set, you need to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Creation of a new world or switch to the settings of the already existing world.
  2. In the add-ons section, select “Set parameters”.
  3. Pressing the “My Sets” button.
  4. Select the set of interest from the presented exhaustive list and then press the activation key.

To activate experiments you need to open the world settings, followed by selecting the subcategory “Game”. After selecting the category with experiments, the key is pressed to activate all available functions.

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Download World Wild Animals addon for Minecraft PE

To download World Wild Animals addon for Minecraft PE, you do not need to use the browser search box or visit dubious resources. Just click on the link to activate the download. When the process is complete, a notification is displayed, signaling that you can start installing.

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