Why not complement the game with giant worms that will make staying in the block world more dangerous? All of this is available in just one Worm mod for Minecraft PE, which you can download for free. The update will make adventures in the block world more exciting. Learn more about it below.

Worm mod for Minecraft PE

Worm mod for Minecraft PE

Download the Worm mod for Minecraft PE and meet the giant monsters living underground and attacking all creatures living in the block world! Several different kinds of dangerous monsters will now appear in the game.

What’s new for the player with the Worm mod?

Worm mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

There are many dangerous creatures in the cubic world of Minecraft PE, but players have the ability to add even more monsters to the game. The Worm mod for MCPE will make even experienced users tremble with fear.


Worm mod for Minecraft PE download

Minecraft PE players can meet one of the most dangerous monsters thanks to the Worm addon. He is quite famous, because many people have seen him in games and movies.

worm mod mcpe

The worm has a long body and has a health of 900 thousand units. He is able to deal damage of a thousand units. If this creature has chosen a victim, it is useless to run away from him. The mob hides underground and attacks unexpectedly.

Creative mode’s inventory contains an egg to create a worm.


sculk worm mod minecraft pe

Thanks to the addon, the user is introduced to another monster. The rockworm is smaller than the desert mob, but no less dangerous.


sculk worm mod minecraft pe command

Mob, presented in the Worm mod for Minecraft PE, is blind. This gives you the opportunity to trick him during the battle. For example, you can throw a snowball or an egg to the side. It is worth considering that the worm can camouflage itself by burrowing into the ground.

best worm mod minecraft pe

The creature becomes invisible among the rocky blocks. It usually lives in caves and dungeons. When the monster finds a victim, it makes a loud sound. The mob is not able to climb rocks, and the player can hide from him on a high rock.

the worm mod minecraft pe

Worm is easy to see in a dark cave because it glows.


sculk worm mod minecraft pe - how to use

Worm add-on for Minecraft PE allows you to complicate the survival of players in the block world, because they can be attacked at any moment by a giant worm crawling out of the ground. It is possible to invite friends into the game and have a competition for survival.

worm addon minecraft pe

Monsters respond to vibration, so the user can hide from them if he just sits down and won’t move. The health of the mob is a hundred units. It deals 10-15 units of damage.

The bite of the monster has a poisonous effect.

Compatible with Worm mod versions of Minecraft PE

sculk worm mod for minecraft pe

It is known that any update works correctly only if you install it on the supporting versions of Minecraft PE. The same applies to the Worm mod for Minecraft PE. All his additions need to be installed on the versions of the game specified by the authors, in order to add to the game space creepy and dangerous monsters:

  • Sandworm – 1.14.0 – 1.19.51.
  • Rockworm – 1.18.0 – 1.19.51.
  • Earth Shiver – 1.19.0 – 1.19.51.

Installing Worm mod in Minecraft

the worm mod minecraft pe

Installation of the Worm mod for Minecraft PE is a process that takes place in several stages. Any user will be able to cope with it independently, following the simple instructions below:

  1. First you need to download the installation file.
  2. After that, the Forge should be installed.
  3. Next, the user presses Win + R and inserts %appdata%\.minecraft\modsOK.
  4. The previously downloaded file should be moved to the window that appears.
  5. You can run MCPE and enjoy the game.

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Download Worm mod for Minecraft PE

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