ownload Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft PE for free!

Interested in the question of how to make the familiar atmosphere of the cubic universe Minecraft easier and more carefree? The answer is simple – you need to download a free texture pack Cartoon for Minecraft PE, designed for versions 1.0.0 – 1.19.50. About what new things will appear in the game will be discussed below.

Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Download Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft PE to feel yourself as a character of a funny cartoon story. You’ll also notice that the new texture packs will make your enemies look more modern and realistic.

What’s interesting about the update?

Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Of course, the block space of Minecraft has never been distinguished by a high degree of realism. But with Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft you can forget about that forever. Now all the blocks, objects and mobs will look as natural as possible and, of course, funny.

An atmosphere of complete carelessness and childhood will envelop you from the first minutes of being in the game space with Cartoon Texture Pack. In such an atmosphere you absolutely do not want to fight with someone. Moreover, it will be quite difficult to do so in view of the fact that there is not a hint of weapons and armor left.

Instead of them, fun costumes of fairy animals and various attributes appeared in Minecraft.

Fun and Celebration

Cartoon Texture Pack for MCPE

Cartoon Texture Pack MCPE developers tried to completely change the atmosphere of the usual cubic world. This was achieved due to the fact that all the colors in the surrounding space of the user became brighter and more saturated.

Also here are a lot of interesting and diverse items, suitable for spending vacations or just to have a good rest with your friends. Instead of armor you can now use the costume of cow, dinosaur or mouse.

Swords and axes have been replaced by a huge toy banana and a water pistol in the form of a fish. It became possible to arrange themed meetings in the game space or just a great way to diversify the gameplay.


Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft

In the cubic universe of Minecraft PE after installing Cartoon Texture Pack not only new items and clothes appeared. Almost all the mobs have changed their appearance and started to look very unusual and even funny.

For example, the eyes of sheep became big and funny, and the expression on the pigs’ faces will make anyone who sees them laugh. The chickens have acquired bright yellow plumage color, and the face of the witches has become very strange.

Compatible with Cartoon Texture Pack versions of Minecraft PE

Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft

It is important to understand that installing only on the recommended versions of Minecraft PE developers can guarantee the correct work of Cartoon Texture Pack. Otherwise, the player will not be able to take advantage of all the features and updates prepared in the update. In order for everything to function perfectly, you should install the texture pack on one of the versions 1.0.0 – 1.19.50.

How to Install the Cartoon Texture Pack in Minecraft PE

Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft 2

Every Minecraft PE user, regardless of their experience, will be able to cope with the Cartoon Texture Pack installation process on their own, because there is nothing complicated about it.

  1. You only need to be attentive by following these steps:
  2. Downloading the Cartoon Texture Pack installation file.
  3. Copying the downloaded file to .minecraft/resourcepacks.
  4. Going to Settings, where you need to open the Resource Packs tab and select the desired texture pack.

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Download Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

Cartoon Texture Pack

Click the button below to download Cartoon Texture Pack for Minecraft PE for free and with no speed limits! The file has been tested for compatibility with the latest version of MCPE! We wish you a pleasant game!

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