Version MCPE: 1.1.0 – 1.19.40

C4 Mod for Minecraft PE

C4 Mod for Minecraft PE

Download the C4 Mod for Minecraft PE and try out new explosives.

Those who complained about the lack of explosions and epics will be definitely happy about this mod. The manufacturers dealt with this request and fixed the explosion errors.

With the help of the C4 Bombs mod, new powerful explosives turn up. These are stronger than some TNT blocks. So, you will be amazed at the strength of the explosion which could not have been achieved with a standard bomb.

Functions C4 Bomb Mod for MCPE

C4 TNT Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The new C4 Bomb addon for MCPE will replace the creepers. This bomb is much more powerful and effective than TNT, due to which you can blow up a lot of things, ranging from mobs to buildings.

Option of Using

C4 Mod for Minecraft PE download

Here is a hint on how to do well out of the bomb. Place it on the desired spot, blow and then pick up useful resources from the broken blocks.

Finding a Bomb

C4 Mod for Minecraft PE - 2

Turn on the creative mode, and take the eggs to spawn creepers. Do not forget that they are replaced by the bomb. So, instead of creepers, you’ll get the desired items.

Blast Process

It takes not more than 10 sec to run away to a safe place. Otherwise, you can suffer and even die.