Amigos, we present you the updated version of Entity 303 mod for Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition) which you can download for free on MCPE 1.19+ absolutely free. We suggest you read a detailed overview of the benefits of this addon and installation instructions.

Entity 303 for Minecraft PE

entity 303 minecraft pe

Download the Entity 303 mod for Minecraft PE to come face to face with horror and disaster. This is a really awesome add-on that will add variety to the game!

Key features of the Entity add-on in MCPE

entity 303 mcpe

The Entity 303 mod in MCPE introduces a terrifying character well known to many MCPE users. He is believed to be the successor of Herobrin.

There is also a version that Herobrin warned players about Entity 303 before, but no one listened to him. He received this nickname because many believe that Notch has hired a developer with a similar nickname in the past.

entity 303 minecraft pe addon

303mojang.com30 – was his original name. Once he was fired from Mojang Studios, he decided to get revenge.

Fortunately, Essence 303 is not in the block world. However, many players adored him and created many addons dedicated to him.

entity 303 mod for minecraft pe

Entity 303 Boss

entity 303 addon for minecraft pe

This small but brilliant addition for Minecraft Pocker Edition shows off the infamous Entity 303 as another boss in the cubic universe. Entity 303 Boss has many unique attacks and additional abilities.

entity 303 mod for mcpe

First, he shoots fireballs. Typically, this boss fires a large number of projectiles, so the player should cast the necessary spell on a set of armor.

Additionally, Entity 303 instantly summons thunder, so the combat can seem more dramatic and epic at the same time. Skeleton Drainers are his allies and should be wary of them.

entity 303 mod for minecraft pocket edition

This infamous character is also a big fan of explosives. Therefore, you should expect to get a lot of damage from explosions. Try putting on some armor with an explosion protection spell.

Gameplay of the Entity 303 mod

entity 303 mod for minecraft pe mcaddon

If the player is brave or stupid enough to undermine his superiority, it’s worth eliminating the Exterminator Drop first.

It turns out that summoning Entity 303 in the block world of Minecraft PE requires the Star of the Underworld. It’s worth remembering that careful preparation is required.

entity 303 sword

This boss is capable of summoning thunder and striking a character with lightning. In addition, it can also summon deadly jaws from the ground.

Entity 303 can even create its own copies if necessary, so the player can get confused and get lost in the cubic universe.

entity 303 mod for minecraft pe - dark prince

Which versions of Minecraft PE are compatible with the Entity 303 mod?

Every experienced Minecraft PE user is well aware of the fact that the key to the trouble-free functioning of any update is to install it on compatible versions of MCPE. If we talk about Entity 303 mod, it is worth noting that they are supported by the following MCPE versions:

  • Entity 303 Mod – 0.14.0 – 1.12.0.
  • Entity 303 – 1.12.0 – 1.19.51 – 1.20.0.

What do I need to install Entity 303?

entity 303 mod for minecraft download

In order to install the Entity mod update on your own and bring variety to the familiar game world of Minecraft PE, you need to take two actions. The first involves downloading the installation file to your computer. The second action is its installation in the application MCPE.

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