Plant vs Zombies mod for Minecraft PE

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Block world is full of zombies and other monsters, ready to attack the player’s home at any second. Protect it with the help of special plants, which will add to the game mod Plant Vs Zombies for Minecraft PE. What new will appear in the game space thanks to the update? Learn more about this below.

Plant vs Zombies mod for Minecraft PE

Plant vs Zombies mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Download the mod Plants vs Zombies for Minecraft PE to provide reliable protection for your world from the invasion of monsters! Survival in the cubic universe will become even more interesting after the appearance here of elements of the famous game.

Plant vs Zombies mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

Review of the mod Plants vs Zombies 2023

Plant vs Zombies mod for MCPE

Plants vs Zombies is a popular game familiar to many, including MCPE users. Fans of funny monsters have created an update that allows players to organize battles on the territory of the cubic space.

mod plants vs zombies minecraft pe 1.18

Heroes that appear here and many items echo the game’s theme. All objects are custom objects. According to the storyline, monsters want to attack the house, and representatives of the flora must prevent them.

mod plants vs zombies minecraft pe download

Now users have to fight the aggressive creatures and protect themselves and their homes. Flora members added by the update will help to cope with this mission.

Plants vs Zombies

Plant vs Zombies addon for Minecraft PE

This addon helps users to create unique plants that have the ability to stop waves of walking dead. Any creature added by the addon has its own attack. Some are great in close combat, while others simply blast enemies.

The Sun has replaced the Shalker in the game.

Plants vs Zombies 2.

Plant vs Zombies mod Minecraft PE

Add-on introduces a lot of creatures, items, etc. into the game. All of them are characterized by great variety.

mod plantas vs zombies minecraft pe

Developers also introduced original weapons designed for destroying enemies. Among them are a potato mine, an apple mortar, a grain cannon and more. Distinguishing features.

mod plants vs zombies minecraft pe 1.19

To create representatives of the flora in survival mode will need a generator, which can be created using the Sun. In addition, the user can get other things in the toolkit.


Plant vs Zombies mod for Minecraft PE - Download

Monsters added to the game will look interesting and even cute. These will be both regular zombies and fun monsters with balloons, buckets and other things. If you defeat the walking dead, it throws a plant.


Plant vs Zombies mod MCPE

Players will have valuable items at their disposal. For example, a garden shovel will help dig up plants.

You can also find a car in the game space, which will allow you to travel through its territory.

Compatible with Plants vs Zombies mod versions of Minecraft PE

mod plants vs zombies 2 minecraft pe

Both addons Plants vs Zombies must be installed only on those versions of Minecraft PE that are compatible with them. This is a key condition, if you comply with which the addon will work properly, adding innovations to the game world. For the addon Plants vs Zombies such versions are 1.2.0 – 1.19.51, and for the supplement Plants vs Zombies 2 – 1.16.0 – 1.19.51.

How to install the Plants vs Zombies addon in MCPE

mod plants vs zombies 2 minecraft pe 2

The installation process of Plants vs Zombies update in MCPE requires only a few simple steps, the field will be able to enjoy the game with the famous heroes. To do this, you first need to download and install Minecraft Forge, and then – download the installation file, which should be placed in the path .minecraft\mods. All ready to play!

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Download Plant vs Zombies mod for Minecraft PE

Download Plants vs Zombies v1
Download Plants vs Zombies v2
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