What’s new in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE - 1

Yet another update for Minecraft dropped not so long ago. In the new test version, the devs from Mojang Studios made adjustments to the gameplay, introduced several innovations to the game content, and fixed bugs and errors that used to compromise the immersion in the game world.


Minecraft Pocket Edition

This is an extremely powerful boss. Originally, this mob was designed as a regular canyon inhabitant, but then it evolved into something much bigger.

The warden has 250 hearts and deals 30 hearts of damage. That said, it’s strong enough to kill the a Minecraft PE player in any armor in just two hits. Even netherite armor won’t provide sufficient protection for an encounter with this foe, so you should be well-prepared and develop a tactical approach beforehand.

The only thing that can save the player in this situation is spells, but you shouldn’t rely on them exclusively: they only last for a limited time.

Ancient City


A recent addition to the game, the ancient city is exactly the site where the warden resides.

In Minecraft PE, the ancient city is a fortress engulfed by sculk blocks.

Change Log

Minecraft PE Crafting items

The update brough a total of five changes. Importantly, the allay can no longer enter the Netherworld: the loyal helper gets stuck there and consequently perishes. The devs are already working on fixing this unfortunate bug.

The game now boasts better graphics and performance on Android devices.

In Minecraft, you can’t turn ordinary blocks into sculk blocks when using fire.

In-game movements and teleportation have improved. In the settings, a new parameter appeared that enables you to adjust the duration of notifications.


Minecraft PE Warden

A variety of bugs and errors that used to compromise the gameplay of Minecraft PE have now been fixed. The player’s sculk shriekers recharge after the effect is activated.

If you have a sculk sensor and a skull block, you can’t get additional XP with Silk Touch.

From now on, mangrove swamps will grow normally even below y=0 level.

Minecraft PE APK

The update brought a fixed and improved graphical display of all in-game elements. Repeated use of emotes no longer crashes the game world.

Biome graphics no longer contain glitches. Items are correctly collected in one slot. Last but not least, it now takes a little longer to break deepslate that has been repeatedly upgraded than before.