Minecraft PE

Minecraft PE

Installing the new version of the storied game, Minecraft PE, on your Android device allows you to fully enjoy all the features of the diverse block world. To make sure your exploration is even more effective, you can use the spyglass.

What’s New After the Update of Minecraft

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One of the main innovations in Minecraft PE is an improved generation system. A distinctive feature of the patch is the multi-noise world function, designed to make all the surrounding locations look better and lend further appeal to the block world. 

Minecraft PE overview

The new Minecraft release managed to eliminate several bugs and issues that used to occur in various biomes. Another noteworthy change is that no more irregularities will be seen during the formation of territories, with transition between them now much smoother.

Stony Peaks Biome

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In the new release, Minecraft PE, players will notice the appearance of a brand-new biome: stony peaks location. The area is located in the middle of a mountainous terrain, surrounded with cliffs, hills, and canyons. 


All the elevation changes render the terrain even more exciting and attractive. But they also make it rather difficult to move around. Still, the new biome boasts a crucial advantage: this area has an almost inexhaustible supply of resources.

Render Dragon Graphics Engine

Minecraft Pocket Edition

In the Minecraft PE update, the developers opted for a new game engine: Render Dragon, thus making all the objects in the block world better. Most of the changes pertain to the appearance of locations. 

In the update, even the textures of the most common mobs have become much more attractive, let alone nature. Thanks to the Render Dragon graphics engine, the experience is now as beautiful as never before. 


Minecraft PE Music Disk

In the new version of the legendary game, Minecraft PE, this item is used in the block world for one single purpose: exploration of the world. To create this tool, Steve will require amethyst as well as copper ore. When looking through a spyglass, you’ll probably notice a slight darkening effect. But don’t be afraid, as it’s the most common frame effect and nothing to worry about.  

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What Other Changes Have Appeared in the Block Game

After the Minecraft PE update, the game received some further tweaks. The following ones are particularly interesting:

  • The undead will now only appear at night: the developers have fixed a previously existing issue;
  • The patch includes features from the second part of The Caves & Cliffs Update;
  • Abandoned villages will now form less frequently.